Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes, Virginia

I try not to confuse my child too much. However, he asks questions like, "How do the witches in Shrek fly?" and I tell him, "Magic, but don't worry there is no such thing as witches or magic." Then he asks how Santa Clause flies and I say, "Magic." That might be very confusing to a four year-old brain.

I'd really like to keep this Santa Clause thing going for as long as possible. I explained to my son that there is good and happy magic...Christmas magic, and then there is scary magic. There is no such thing as scary magic. There is such thing as Christmas magic.

(I did give him a very practical answer when he asked how Santa Clause puts out fires when he goes down the chimney, and how he turns the fire back on. In case you want to know, Santa pours water down the chimney when he arrives, and throws a match down the chimney when he leaves. He doesn't even need magic, just a lot of matches.)

I believed in Santa Clause until I was about ten or eleven. My family was driving home from my grandparents' house, and all my siblings were sleeping except for me. I, of course, was reading. Yes, it was a book that thrust the truth upon me whether I wanted to know or not. (I can't remember which book it was now, but I'm sure it was evil and wanted to shatter all the dreams of ten and eleven year-old girls.) I turned to my mom and asked her the question, and she confirmed that they had been making up stories about the fat man in the red suit. (I think the truth about the Easter Bunny came soon after that.)

So how did you find out the truth about Santa Clause??

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vomit on the Brain

Following a week of ear infections and vomit, and thereby little sleep, my brain is feeling somewhat zombified. And since I have nothing original to share with you this week, I thought I'd share two things that are definitely not my own.

First-News! My friend, Renee Collins, is agented! Renee was one of my first blogger friends, and is also one of my favorite. She's worked hard for this, and although I've never read her work, I can attest from knowing her that she is brilliant and funny (and gorgeous)(which isn't necessary as a writer, but now she can have a nice picture on her jacket flap when she is published). Plus, I imagine that good talent keeps company. Anyway, go congratulate her!

Second-Read Matched by Ally Condie. I just finished it today, and I loved it! You can see the trailer here (which I think is one of the best book trailers I've seen). It's kind of like Hunger Games and The Giver and Uglies, but in the end it is its own book and more of a love story than the others. It's also a very clean teen read which I'm always ready to recommend. Christmas present anyone?

Now to go eat leftover cake and ice cream. Oh did I tell you? My baby turned one yesterday. Now there is something that definitely is my own.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When Our Christmas Tree Said, "Bah Humbug"

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas decorations. (No Black Friday for me, thank you very much.) After I put up our 6 ft tree that I purchased six years ago from Walmart for $15, my husband told me we needed a new tree because our current tree was horrible. (We had the same conversation last year.)

I told him a new tree was expensive and proceeded to decorate it with our son. (But not WITH our son. I didn't hang him up on the Christmas case you were wondering.) I noticed it sort of LEANED after I decorated it. And my son placing many heavy ornaments in one spot may have contributed to the LEANING.

A few hours later, I heard something fall in the living room. One of the cheap plastic legs supporting the tree had broken, and the tree had fallen...luckily NOT onto our children. I thought I could save it with books, yes books, but as I went to prop it up, another cheap plastic leg broke. Then the top fell off the tree. In the end we had this heap of Christmas, still bedecked in white glowing lights, on our living room floor.

And in the end, we found a five year-old 7 ft pre-lit for sale for $15.

A great start to Christmas...not being sarcastic. I love my new-old Christmas tree, which we wouldn't have found had the last one not broken. (Writing analogy? Oh yes, I think it is there.)

(As a follow-up to last week's blog post, I DID at one point during high school try out the toothpaste remedy. Luckily, I had only one pimple which I treated with a younger sibling's bright blue cartoon-endorsed tooth gel. I had a blue spot on my face the next morning that would not come off. My mom let me stay home. (She was a cool mom.) (And I got good grades.))