Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Post in Which You Realize You Aren't THAT Slow

That is, the post in which you realize you aren't as slow as ME.

I've been very private about the progress (or lack of) of my rewrite. And so, without further adieu, I give you (and why? I'm not sure other than this compulsion for absolute honesty right now)...MY WORD COUNT.


(Funny that this comes in the month of NOVEMBER. Ironic even. Like rain on your wedding day or like a free ride when you are already late.)

As a smattering of you may recall, I finished my rough draft in a record (for me) two months. I finished that rough draft one year ago.

And it has been a big year. Shortly after finishing my first draft, I had a baby.

I mean, I Had A Baby!

This beautiful piece of humanity may or may not have changed my writing routine a little. And for that I kiss her snotty, teething face every day and she bites my lip with her three-and-a-half teeth.

But the TRUTH is, having a baby didn't really SLOW my writing down. Yes, there were the first few months of adjusting to new life, but normal did return.

And I got back to that rewrite, which is only half done after a year...with many plans to rewrite what I already rewrote.

Okay, you've heard many finish-the-darn-book goals from me, but here is my latest (and I hope, most realistic)...

Here's to one more year and finishing my rewrite once and for all. (Me toasting you with root beer because I'm Mormon and because I like it (root beer and being Mormon and parentheticals.))


  1. Well, my longest novel so far is 32K, but for middle grade I think that's okay. My current WiP will be longer though. Good luck with the rewrite, the kids and another good year :)

  2. I'm Mormon too, and root beer is the best! I don't think there's any rush. Take your time.

  3. The thing I love about writing is that books will always be there... publishers will always be publishing, and you can write until you are way old and wrinkled.

    So do what you can in your own time. No one is setting deadlines on you but you. And celebrate the little achievements as well as the big. For an entire year after I wrote Some Kind of Normal I wrote almost nothing. Certainly nothing I finished. This year, I wrote and revised another 90,000 word book. I'm taking the point of view that the year off was when it percolated enough for me to write it. :)

    Congrats on that baby. That's a much bigger accomplishment than a book!

  4. You have to go at your own pace. Seriously. It took me a while to believe that. I watched other people race forward at what seemed lightning speed, and I felt like the slowest writer in the world.

    You're not.

    Think about how many thousands of people talk about wanting to write a book, but never do. And then think about how many start, but never finish.

    You've finished a book!! That alone is a huge accomplishment. Even though—I know, I know—it's hard to feel that when you come on this online writing world and everyone and their dog has finished a book.

    But we are a mere drop in the bucket. If every wannabe writer/one-day-I'll-be-a-writer person out there had a blog where they talked about how they wished they could just get started on their book, you'd feel much better. :)

  5. Rootbeer rocks, it's my favorite pop.

    As mother, having a child puts everything else into perspective. You'll never do anything more important than that, anything else could only be a close second. :)

  6. I'm still slow, but thanks for the reassurance. Seriously, having a baby is pretty awesome and takes a lot of work.

  7. Babies are one of the best excuses around. ;)

    LOVE the Alannis reference. I tore my copy of that CD up.

  8. Throw in a little ice cream with that root beer and I'll drink to that.

    Maybe I need to be prodding you a bit more, demanding to see your next chapter, which btw has been a while..

  9. It's all so relative. Some people take decades to finish their novels. I happen to take a year to 18months to finish my books, and I feel slow because I have friends *ahem* *cough* Kasie *cough* who finish five in one year. But in reality I'm really not slow at all. It's the comparison game that makes us feel this way. The game we shouldn't play. (Except in fun and as it relates to followers, which you are slaying me in).

  10. I too like being Mormon, drinking rootbeer and (parentheticals) even when they're not called for.
    Even when life seems to get back to normal after babies, I don't feel like I get my brain back until they're about two years old and then when they hit four, I realize that my brain didn't really come back when they were two, I just thought it did.

  11. As your nemesis I have a strong desire to laugh and point at you. But as a fellow writer, I'll say, it's not a race (except in your case in which it is because of your 2012 date--or are we talking about a different book?) You haven't been slow at all. And if you're making progress then you're doing great. Just keep writing.