Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time, will you PLEASE stand still??

You would think that writing a book about Time, especially the End-of-Time, would give me a little leverage. But no, my day is STILL only 24 hours long.

Actually, it's less than 24 hours long.

You see, I believe Time is reading my book, peering over my shoulder as I write. And he's ANGRY (Time is masculine in case you didn't know) because things do not look good for him so far. As far as he can tell, Time ends.

So in revenge, Time is stealing my day. I blink and my day is over. I turn around and my baby is almost one.

If Time would please be patient, Time will see that all ends well in my novel. I am not planning on giving Time an unTimely death. In fact, I think we need to work on a compromise: Give me more day and I will let you live.


  1. That year went by fast. Can you add in your deal with time to give me a day of time standing still.

  2. LOL!!! Love your post. :-) Time and I aren't speaking right now.

  3. If I were time, I'd work that out with you. I can't believe the baby is almost one. It can't be that long.

  4. I hear ya! My baby is 14 months and I just can't even see how that adds up right. Seize those hours, Jessie, and demand them back from that mean old man, Time. :o)

    Good luck!