Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Am So Brandless

Ideas are wonderful and beautiful things, and many of us have this Incredible Idea Collection: so fragile and so perfect, made imperfect only by our actually writing them out. (In fact, it's probably best to leave the idea alone and just walk away.)(That was Evil Me speaking.)

For me, my ideas are all so different. I mean, REALLY different. If life were pretend and I somehow turned every idea into a book then I'd be totally and completely Brandless. I mean Middle Grade Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Contemporary/Retelling and all that and more for Young Adult. Oh and a few Adults and Picture Books...My brain is such a mess.

What about you? Do your ideas at least stay in the same genre, or are they all over the board?


  1. My ideas are all over the place. I really need to get a leash for them. :)

  2. I used to be totally picture book and now I'm thinking chapter books and middle grade too. It's still all children's lit though. BUt have I been brave enough to send anything in yet? No. Personal essays and website articles seem less intimidating to me for some reason. So yeah - I guess I'm all over the place too. ADD, I swear.

  3. All over the place, and maybe until I'm published I'll try other things.

  4. I'm pretty much a young reader idea person. *sigh* I'd love to come up with an awesome MG idea! :-)

  5. I'm totally the same way. I have written multiple PB, 3 MG in three different genre, and working on YA dystopian, with another half finished. But I also have half a dozen ideas for adult books in multiple genres from historical fiction to womens contemporary.

    And did I mention the screen play I want to right, the TV series I'd like to create, or the hip hop ballet that I have a libretto for?

  6. brand schmand.

    You have to write what is calling to you, no matter what that is.


  7. I'm afraid I'm all over the board, too. But I agree with Shelley . . . you have to write what calls you, and since I'm not a one-show pony, my ideas aren't either. :)

  8. Though I've done 1 chick lit novel and 1 adult short story, I'm otherwise completely one genre: YA.

    And mostly YA fantasy too. (I have 1 that might be considered paranormal? _maayyybe?_ And 1 contemporary idea for the far future.)

    That's how I read too. I'm not the biggest fan of contemporary YA and I'm only okay with paranormal (they have to have vampires). And other than Sookie Stackhouse (vampires again) I pretty much have no patience for adult books anymore.

    Nice to meet you btw! When I saw your comment on Kasie West's fortune teller post I had to visit. :)