Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Giveaway, Blogfest, and Other Things

First of all, there is a picture book edit giveaway over at Dear Editor. Since I now want to be a YA author and a PB author and a fireman (or maybe the fireman is what my son wants to be) I'm in love with the prize. So if you do picture books, you should take a look.

Last week I participated in Patti's blogfest, in which hours spent writing(/editing) were tallied. I clocked somewhere between five and six hours. (Okay sometimes I lost track of time, hence the "somewhere between.") It's not a lot, but I guess if I'm being honest with myself, lately I've probably averaged about an hour each night on the weeknights.

The purpose of Patti's blogfest was for us as writers to determine how our time was alotted to writing. Truth is, I don't watch TV. I watched a couple of movies with my husband. I cleaned. I blogged, but last week not a lot. I read. I ate chocolate/peanut-butter smoothies. It seems there were still so many lost minutes, and I want to know WHERE DID THEY GO? Because I still went to bed late most nights. And I still didn't do a lot of other things I wanted to do.

I write after the kids are in bed. I thought I'd write while my son was in preschool, but not much writing gets done because I still have a cute baby to watch.

Which brings me to...

An illustration of WHY it's difficult to be a mom and a novelist:

Sometimes we have that moment when we are doing NOTHING. Life just stands still. A perfect opportunity to WRITE. Or...the perfect opportunity to stare at your ten month-old daughter as she picks up your cell phone then sets it down. Then picks up a rag and shakes it then sets it down. Then picks up your cell phone and places it on the rag. Then takes it off. Then picks up the rag and shakes it. Then picks up your cell phone and smiles.


The best thing I saw all day.

And finally, thank you Melissa Gill for awarding me the Cherry on Top award. I hope that means my blog is like an ice cream sundae (with no nuts). You should go meet Melissa is you haven't already because she has good questions for your characters and she's from Kansas City and she tallied 14 hours last week writing.

And absolutely, for sure finally-my friend, Heidi Willis and author of Some Kind of Normal, was accepted into an MFA program for writing! You should go tell her how cool she is in case she doesn't already know.

Now I'm off to work on my pitch for another stab at one of Shelli's agent pitch contests!

The end of my longest-post-ever.


  1. Wow, that was a long post. I think one hour is great. It is hard being a mom and writing no matter how old your kids are. My kids are going to bed later so writing after they go to bed is hard.

    Congrats on the reward. I think your blog has a cherry and maybe some whip cream, because who doesn't like whip cream.

  2. You're doing great. I don't have kids and some days I can't even find an hour. Are you going to be illustrating these picture books you'll be writing?

  3. wow! A shout out for getting into school! Thanks! I think I'm blushing. :) (I don't owe you money or anything for that, do I? Because I had to just send off my deposit for said school and now we can't eat for a month).

    Six hours is what I did, and I don't have a baby. For having two young ones, I think that's an amazing amount. Don't heap regret on yourself for adoring your kids as they grow. You can always write that book when you're 84.

  4. I love the paragraph about watching your 10-month-old - perfect!! Congrats on your award and to Heidi! :-)

  5. Heehee. Love the story about the little one. It's so true that we wonder where our time went and that's where. It's a fantastic way to spend our time though. The best way.

  6. Wow. So true. I sometimes find myself in the middle of a scene and realize my son wants to do something fun with me and its' all dropped for a while. It's a good thing.

  7. You're right! Sometimes the nothing can be filled with writing... and sometimes the nothing can be filled with life. :)

    And there's just somethin' special about baby girls. (I had two.)