Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Kitchen Floor is Dirty

And it's your fault.

My friend, Patti, is having a blogfest starting September 27 in which we record how much time we spend writing. I don't really keep track, so I'm going to play. I unofficially started today.

I wrote 30 minutes while my son was in preschool.

I wrote 2 hours after my children went to bed.

2.5 hours! Over 1000 words, too! (Way more words than I typically write in 2.5 hours, by the way.)

I thought I'd calculate my blogging time, too...


Between preschool and after bedtime, I clocked ALMOST the same amount of time blogging as I did writing.

I like to blog, but it needs to me nipped in the you-know-what.

So. I like you. But I am going to try and like you fewer times per week.

(I don't really blame you for my kitchen floor. I actually accept full responsibility, but I've been planning on scrubbing my kitchen floor for way too many days now. I keep blogging instead. It's sticky. Ewe gross.)


  1. You're worried about mere DAYS of neglect??
    I don't know if I want to know how much time I spent behind my computer. It's WAY too much. About a quarter of it blogging, I go through phases with that though, even in the short time I've been doing it. I'm in a frenzy right now but that'll pass.
    The rest is flipping back and forth between projects, writing a scene here or there.
    It might be interesting until I remember that I don't get paid by the house. And that in fact, almost every hour I spend writing puts me behind in something I maybe should be doing.
    Wow, I'm wordy tonight.

  2. Oh, I've been cleaning out my pantry and food storage. It's sad at how much of it is expired. My house needs a lot more of my time. Will it get it? For a while. But next week I'm keeping track of my writing time, so sorry house--you're probably back to neglect.

  3. 1,000 words in 2.5 hours = awesome! Yay, you!

    And I think we all empathize with the kitchen floor issue. LOL. :-)

  4. W00T!! 2.5 hours is AWESOME!!

    The floor will still be there later. :)

  5. Not a fan of my kitchen floor either. There are so many better things to anything else. Good luck on the writing. I'll be curious to watch all of your progress.