Friday, September 17, 2010

Long Grasses

When we first moved to the house we live in now, I was very excited for the BACKYARD. My husband and I had never really had one before. See...

apartment: no backyard
House We Cannot Sell: has a backyard but is in the city and I never went in back because I thought I might get shot (probably not a selling point)
duplex: backyard but no backdoor
house: BACKYARD!

However, it is TOO much backyard we've discovered, and is A LOT to mow. Saturday we ran out of gasoline, so all week the back half of our yard has been longer than the rest.

Well, last week I was walking some trails in a park with my sister. In between the trails where the grass and wildflowers grew over our heads, there was a sign that read: PRAIRIE RESTORATION AREA.

Are you catching my drift? Why not stick like sign in my backyard? Then we can have a break AND be environmentally conscientious.

Maybe I can make a sign for my front yard, too. I don't know...would that be pushing it?


  1. I love those Prairie Restoration Areas. I pass one every day at the Sprint Campus on my way to work. There are always the most interesting things growing there, and I love to imagine all the little critters that call it home.

  2. I would think that would be inviting snakes, but if you like that kind of thing...

    Natural areas are nice to take up some of that space and eliminate some of the mowing. A few bushes and piles of mulch, and you're good to go.

  3. Love the idea. Enviromental back yards--small grass spots to be mowed with push mower and lots of wild stuff, and rocks- are still are not as popular as golf green look. Maybe soon!

  4. I am making my own sign right now.

    (Don't think my HOA will like it much, though.....)

    Great idea!


  5. Snakes. Are there snakes where you live? If so I'd have that grass cut to the root.

  6. I find it hilarious that Patti and I jump immediately to snakes. Heehee!

  7. Well, brilliant minds think alike. I guess that's why you are my crit partners.