Friday, August 20, 2010

One Smart Cookie

Just before I met my husband, I sat in a Chinese restaurant with a couple married friends. I told them that I was SURE I wouldn't marry for a long time, that I had LOTS of plans before such an event took place. Then I opened my fortune cookie:

Confucius say: Top of ladder nice place. Can be very lonesome.

I don't eat Chinese food often, but when I do crack open a fortune cookie, it seems it's somehow applicable to my life. (Maybe it's because I'm a writer and have a GREAT imagination.)

Here's the latest:

These fortune cookie writing people? Brilliant. Although, I'd change it just a little (if I'm allowed to do that, which I'm sure I'm not because much bad luck will follow me if I do) to say:

Write a novel--and learn more about life.


  1. YES!!!!! Wow, I always get crap like "you'll cross paths with karmic layers during the wave transition" or something completely vague.

  2. I wish mine were something along those lines occasionally. I seem to get the fortunes that relate to me in no way really. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  3. Nice. I love your twist. So true.

  4. I adore fortune cookies...I love it when they say something that you can relate to. :)

  5. haha, indeed. :) Gotta love those fortune cookies. Sometimes I really want to believe they're prophetic.

  6. I got a fortune cookie that predicted I would have another kid once...and I did.

    Aren't fortune cookies amazing!

  7. That's a great fortune cookie either way.

  8. Write a novel and learn a lot about yourself. Now that would be a good fortune.

    I had a fortune cookie on a date once that read. "You are well loved."