Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Very Clever Title

I'm back from my July break. I think taking a break from my book was just what I needed to jump start its completion. (This is me thinking optimistically because IT WILL BE FINISHED.) As I mentioned before, I've been playing with another idea, which I love and want to return to when MY CURRENT BOOK IS FINISHED. (I'm very determined. I don't want a bunch of unfinished books (and dreams) filling up my hard drive.)

As for my previous post in which I mention that my July book started as a book about magic and flowers and turned into a book about cancer and slavery. (What in the world?) Well, here it is in a few words.

(Idea redacted at a later date.)

(Yes, paranoid me was much more persuasive than rational me.)

(But it was a REALLY good idea, okay??)

(This might be one of those moments I feel like I'm talking to myself.)


  1. First off, I love the name Ambrose! Already he has a place in my heart.

    Finish up Pieces of Moon (the books deserves your's a great idea) but open a document for your genie book, and when you get an idea, just type it into the folder. That way, when you are ready to write it, lots of cool things will be there waiting for you!

    The stakes are high in this one.....

    Good luck!


  2. Thank you Shelley! For the encouraging words about Pieces and Moon and the advice.

  3. Your premise sounds intriguing, but I'm a sucker for doomed souls.

    I'm with you- I've got an idea I'm excited about (and I've outlined almost the whole novel), but I have to finish Book #2 before I start Book #3. I usually write every day, but I think I need to take a break to get the creative juices flowing on #2 again.

  4. Intriguing. I like the new idea. You should just work on that one. :) (That's your nemesis speaking)

  5. Oh ma goshhhhhh that sounds really really good!

  6. Stephanie-The break really helped me. I'd come to a standstill, and just thinking (and obsessing) over another book for a month was the perfect time away.

    Kasie-I don't respond to evil.


  7. OH! I love it! I can't wait to read it! Would you (please) hurry up and finish your other book so you can write this one so I can read it already? Sheeesh!

  8. That sounds like an AWESOME idea!! That tag line is amazing, and if I were a reader (or an agent) I'd pick it up immediately!!

    It's tricky having more than one good idea. I think ideas start sparking when the old books gets hard. I find 15,000-20,000 words is when other ideas start pecking at me. If I can get over that hump, I eventually fall in love enough with the one I'm writing to finish it.

    That threshold is different for everyone, though. Use the new ideas to propel you to finish the other.

  9. Paige-Ha, you make it sound so simple.

    Heidi-Awesome? Amazing? You just inflated my self-esteem by a lot, so thank you. I think I just needed a little time away from my first book to get excited again. Good imagery, by the way-I definitely feel like ideas are PECKING at me.

  10. Very cool idea. I love the thought process explained. By the way, you are so kicking my butt right now!

  11. Ha! Well, I'm glad you are back, too. We can both make an awesome come back together.

  12. Ooo, love that idea. I'm a huge fan of semi-tragic romances.

    Only in stories, though . . . I can dish it, but I can't take it.