Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Literary Memory

I have this memory...

I am a child, maybe nine years old. I am wearing an over-sized tee shirt. It was my dad's before he died. I am living in a narrow, two-story farmhouse, old with white siding. My family is in the backyard, lounging on lawn chairs one evening, and I am walking through the grass to join them. I can almost hear the crickets again, see the fireflies.

The funny thing is this memory isn't mine.

It's from a book I read a long time ago, and I don't even remember which book. But it was so real to me, it's stuck in my mind. A literary memory.

Do you have any "memories" from books you've read, so real you can almost believe they are your own??

(For the record, my dad is alive and well.)


  1. I don't. But I'm very, very jealous of your literary memory. Sometimes when I'm reading I'll start to imagine myself as the MC. I'll even think I'm stronger than I am if she's strong, smarter than I am, can speak Spanish if she does, etc. and try to do things I shouldn't.

  2. I do that with my MC's, too. They are much better people than I am. I'd just be careful about that whole 'do things I shouldn't' part. I mean, if your MC jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?

  3. I'm the same way to a fault. I'll tell the hubs, "oh yes, like the days when I'd run into so-and-so on the Upper East side and..." and hell chime in with, "uh no, that's Gossip Girl."

  4. Hi Jessie- I just ran across your blog, I loved your entry to Mary Kole's contest. I am a fellow Kansas and kidlit writer.

    I remeber a book I read several times as a child about a young girl living on the prairie who had an apple tree. A swarm of locusts invaded the family farm and ate all the apples. It was very similar to Little House on the Prairie, but it was not one of the LHOP books. (I've read all of those dozens of times.) Anyway, the memory of that story pops into my head sometimes, and I long to read it again, but I'm sure it's out of print.