Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I had 35 entries! (38 if you count the extra entries for those who spread the word.) The problem is that 33 people didn't win, but I hope you still like me...and my blog...even if I write cryptic analogies about garlic in your manuscript.

Winner of my first prize...


And Jackee, since you said you were dying of Oreo envy, I will give you the choice of having Gourmet Oreos AND a B&N gift card of lower value.

(Jackee's currently in the midst of Flagstaff forest fires, and we pray that she won't have to evacuate! I hope this prize cheers you up. (I promise that didn't know about the forest fires.))

Winner of my second prize...


You can email me at Jessica L Oliveros (at) gmail (dot) com!

And for the rest of you that are child-bearing women, I'd like to share something you may need to know. IF you are trying NOT to lose the last 8 to 10 pounds of baby weight, I have the perfect tested solution. Every night make a smoothie with ice, frozen bananas, LOTS of peanut butter, WHOLE milk, and Nestle Quick. Totally. Works. I haven't shed a pound since I started this nightly ritual.


  1. There are gourmet Oreos!!!!! *rushes out to store*

  2. CONGRATS Jackee! I hope you won't have to evacuate your home! Saying prayers.

    CONGRATS Stephanie!

  3. *dying of oreo envy too*
    Congrats winners:)

  4. waaaaa i wanted those cookies! ha ha. hooray for the lucky winners!
    ...hugs from lenny

  5. LOL, I love your closing tip. Genius!! I'm starting the Oliveros Plan tonight! ;)

  6. Congratulations to Jackee and Stephanie! :D

  7. Awesome possum!

    I'm sending out good vibes to Jackee so she doesn't have to evacuate- hopefully this will be a little ray of sunshine for her.

    Thanks for the awesome contest, Jessie!

  8. Oh, and your nightly ritual? It's been 10 months since I had my baby and I think those chocolate malts and cookies are gaining on the baby weight! :o)

  9. Gormet oreos??? I'm sad now that I missed out on the contest! And garlic in a manuscript, like garlic in spaghetti, can be over-bearing but the right amount makes the dish deliciously enjoyable.