Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scriptococcus Publius

This is a highly contagious bacteria that, if you are reading this blog, you've most likely contracted yourself.

Scriptococcus publius-the unsatiable desire to write with an eye toward one day being published

(You should be aware of a mutated strain of this bacteria called Publiococcus scriptus, which is the unsatiable desire to be published with an eye toward one day writing a book.)

If you are infected, please be careful.

The mode of transmission is still under much debate. An infected person needs only speak of their current writing ambition, and the symptoms (sleeplessness, daydreaming, hearing voices) begin occurring among friends and family. This has led many to believe it is airborne.

However, it's also been discovered that those who consume abnormally high amounts of chocolate are infected, persuading others that it is a foodborne illness. (This may only be a confounding variable.)

If you believe that you or a loved one has contracted this illness...

There Is No Cure.

Prognosis? You (and those you have infected) are doomed to live out the rest of your days obsessed with ink and ideas.


  1. Hm... I think I may have that. :) Cute post, I giggled my way through it. :)

  2. Eeeek! Hahaahaahaa, you just made me smile. Love it!

  3. I am doomed to be a chocolateholic, and to view characters who are living a life I can only dream on. Bring on the doom I say! And hang on for the ride!
    Fun post! I like the definitions.

  4. wow! now im real scared cause i eat bunches of chocolate all the time specially peanutbutter cups and i just ate a whole bunch of them. arrrgh i got that sickness for sure. haha. ...hugs from lenny

  5. Haha, that was great! I think I've been living with Publiococcus scriptus since I was six.

    I saw the link to your blog over at Janet's! Ooo, maybe I'm 101?