Sunday, June 6, 2010

FIL-ial affection

This weekend, my visiting father-in-law wanted the Internet, and I gladly let him use my computer. However, I did not consider the two open word documents, one being my book.

(suspenseful blogging moment)

No, he did not accidently erase my book. He did something much worse.

He read the other open word document, thinking it was my book.

This little document was, however, a mess of word vomit I wrote while attempting to get my backstory out. It uses phrases such as:

there lived...
it was as if...
in the meantime...
actually quite...
as it was...

He told me it was very good. Oh dear.


  1. And now you know that he loves you, right?

  2. Oh that's funny! He can be my beta reader any day :)

  3. Gotta love family, no really you gotta love them. My sister is the only one who gives me constructive critism and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Part of me just wants my family to say, "it's awesome."

  4. Awesome. That's funny. I am so paranoid about this. I always leave my ms open and I'm always afraid that it's open to the most cheesy part of the book and someone (namely, my husband) is going to read it out of context......oh, wait, this really happened. And I was so embarrassed.

  5. Stephanie-Train wreck is a very apt description for early drafts. However, I did let my father-in-law read the first few pages (over-polished pages) of my book today. Must redeem myself somehow.

    Myrna-Only real love could love my word vomit.

    Al-Okay, the "something worse" may have been a bit of an exaggeration. (Because, actually, when my SON got into my word doc and erased part of my draft last fall, THAT was very bad.)

    Aubrie-I'll let him know. Just so you know, some of his praise may be in Spanish.

    Patti-I know, I feel the same way. I don't REALLY want my family to say anything other than "MASTERPIECE!" but don't tell.

    Kasie-You? Embarrassed? Impossible. Now, if you were wearing cowboy boots with pajamas (for example) THAT might be embarrassing. Or awesome. I haven't decided.