Monday, June 7, 2010

Ants in my Rants

They have invaded my home, my peace of mind, and even my COMPUTER.

Those nastly little bugs. I feel them crawling on me even when they are not. (And just as I wrote that sentence, a FLYING ant landed on my arm. They've sprouted wings. Wings are cute on faeries, NOT ANTS.)

Today I sprayed the entire perimeter of my house. I have planted poison bait along their trails. Yet, they still found my pantry. So, I sealed all the loose items in my pantry and wiped down all my shelves. This is war. Seriously.

The worse part. Remember this? Well, apparently there are still traces of that Italian Ice in my computer (lemon-flavored (very important that you know that)) because they won't leave my computer alone. Ewe gross. I have so much ant-anger in my heart right now. I can't even write without ANTS.

If I was not so mad right now, I'd think of a very clever analogy about ants and writing. But I'm mad and drained of wit. You must think of one for me.

What? Three posts in four days? Very unlike me, I know.


  1. I'm sorry about the ants! That's just horrible. :(

  2. Yuck! We've had ants too—they always seem to resurrect in great number each summer—but not as bad as that!

    Good thing, I finally found their base of operations. Mwahaha. I put several baits around the hole and WOW it was a party...a party that ended very poorly. For them at least.

  3. Ewwwwwww!

    Hate the ants.

    The winged ones mean they are preparing to move on, I think....

    Good luck.


  4. I hate ants too! When we were in KC, we paid someone to spray because I hated ants that much. Though a friend tells me there's a spray at Home Depot you can get that's a lot cheaper.

    Good luck in the war! And gross about the wings. That's how I felt when I learned the Cockroaches can FLY in New Caledonia (South Pacific). I still get the shivers thinking about it.

  5. Icky! How awful. I hope your spray and poison work quickly! :-)

  6. I feel your pain! Ants invaded my house a few months ago. It took weeks of putting out poison, spraying and cleaning cabinets, counter tops, and the pantry before I got rid of them. But I know the evil little critters will be back!

  7. An analogy on ants and writing? Hmmm,..ants are known for being hard little workers. Perhaps that is the way we are to approach our ants to a keyboard covered in Italian Ice! Now find your favorite thing and spill it all over your keyboard! ;P

    Seriously, ants suck. I hope you find a solution that gets rid of them. We used to get the itty-bitty kind when we lived down in Florida, and they were NOT fun.

  8. So much support for my ant problem! They are still not gone, but this war isn't over until they are...

  9. Oh how I remember that problem!! When we lived in CA they would invade like nobody's business, and life became nothing but trying to keep them at bay, washing canned food, putting everything edible in sealable plastic bags (like cereal, bread,candy, formula). They hollowed out two big poplars in our back yard so that one day, when my husband leaned on one after mowing the lawn it fell over!

    Now, here in VA, I have to put everything in hard plastic canisters. We don't have ant problems. We have mice. YUCK!! Gotta love living in the woods.

    I hope you find a good solution and they use those adorable wings to fly onwards!!

  10. I had an ant problem two summers ago. I got out the Raid and sprayed in all their holes while the kids waited to stomp on the ones that tried to make their escape.

    Although spraying raid into your computer might not be the best idea.

  11. Ants haunt all my childhood memories. They covered everything in California. Here in NYC, we don't get ants much at all. But we do get rodents! I would take the ants.

  12. Ah! Mice. I've had mice. I have mouse-hate, too. I know. When I'm rich I will hire my own personal pest wrangler.

  13. My introduction to Louisiana insect life when I was a child here == was falling into a bed of fire ants! Since then ants and I are not best buddies. Hope the ants leave you alone soon, Roland

  14. Curtis always used to tease me when he sold pest control that he wanted to run into people like me when knocking doors. I sure don't like pests in MY things! Yuck! Anyways, I had to laugh when I read this because it reminded me of that time you found some pest in your mac & cheese at King Henry and tossed almost your entire cupboard full of food. :) Good times!
    Love ya! We need to catch up soon...