Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Spell in Kansas

Tonight I met Aprilynne Pike, young adult author of Wings and Spells. If any of you read her blog, I assure you she is even more adorable in person. (But much taller than she is on her blog, which is only about one inch.)

Aprilynne stressed how success in writing is about the work, not the luck. She said when she set out to write a book, she had no idea how much work it would take. She reported many years of work, 3 1/2 books, and over 100 rejections before she landed a publishing contract. This, I think, is hopeful.

I finished Spells just a couple hours before I met Aprilynne. (I have to finish a book before an author signs it because it's cheating if I don't.) Aprilynne writes beautifully, and her ideas are so creative. What I really love is the stress on family in her novels. There is boy-love, but then there is family-love. And that I love.


  1. Great picture! I just found out she's going to be in Atlanta on this tour, but I can't get a babysitter:(

    I can't wait to read Spells. I just got it a few days ago, so I plan to read it soon.

  2. I have this book sitting on my desk, and I'm into the 6th chapter. I loved how she mentioned that it took a lot of rejections. That gives me hope as well.

  3. Melissa-So sad you can't meet her. (Take the kids?)

    Patti-Great book, isn't it?

    Natalie-YES. :)

  4. What great advice! I think sometimes we look at published authors and think it must have been easier for them, but the truth is it's hard for almost everyone.