Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Think and Drive

Just a warning to CLEAR YOUR MIND while driving, and absolutely NEVER think about your novel then. It may be prime creativity time. Your brain may start to unreel and ideas may begin to fly.

However, your speedometer may slowly creep up. You may not see all the signs you pass. And you MAY miss the exit to the airport when you are on your way to pick up your husband.

It's VERY dangerous. Please, NEVER think about your novel while driving.

By the way, I've decided to be much more regular about my blogging. From now on I will post every Monday. Unless I decide to post on Tuesday. But if Tuesday doesn't happen, I may wait until Wednesday.

And if it works out, I'd like to post a second time on Thursday. Or I'll wait until Friday. I'd like to be much more predictable.


  1. Yes, I'm with you on the driving thing. It's very tempting though, especially if I don't have the kids.

  2. Whoops! I do that all the time. lol

    Love your new posting schedule. *grin*

  3. Renee-Oh YES. Showers are perfect for inspiration. Sometimes I am in the shower TOO long.

    Sandy-It's all that passing scenery, perfect muse food, not matter which seat you're in.

    Myrna-Yes, the kids take the peace down a notch with their soft SWEET voices.

    Jessica-Yes, stay tuned for such regularity as discussed above.

    Janet-See, now I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

  4. Now THAT is a posting schedule that I can get down with. So funny. And also, yes, thinking while driving is a very dangerous deed. ;P

  5. I always just go on automatic pilot when I get in the car and drive to the place I drive most often on whatever route I'm on. Then, when I'm sitting in front of my mom's house or the grocery store, I'm like, why am I here when I was on my way somewhere else. But, I always have a new scene for my story. :)

  6. Good advice! I'll check back on Mondays...or Tuesdays... haha ;)

  7. Funny! I do this all the time. Good thing there is no law, no device that can read your mind as you whiz by! We have photo radar in our area, which is bad enough for us who like to create in our cars.