Friday, May 7, 2010

A Scary Thing

Today, while visiting my sister, I heard a large boom-clatter-boom followed by the cries of three children. Thinking of toppled toys and disgruntled children, I went upstairs. My neice was standing outside her bedroom door crying. I attempted to open it, but could only crack it as it was blocked. Through the door I could see my son...crying. And my nephew...crying, with half his body under a fallen dresser. This is what blocked the door.

You never know how exactly you will react to something before it happens. You'd like to think that in the face of an emergency you would be very calm and collected. And maybe I would have if I could have entered the room immediately and raised the dresser. However, I couldn't get in. I imagined my nephews legs crushed, and it seemed the more I pushed the more pain I caused him.

So I screamed. A scream that put pictures of blood and impalation in my sister's head, and she ran up the stairs calling 911. Of course, this all took place in a matter of seconds. A moment later, I had my brain about me, and moved the other piece of furniture that blocked the door. I lifted the dresser, inspected my nephew's legs, and five minutes later he was running around in his dinosaur costume none the wiser. Sorry 911 dispatcher.

I'm not posting this just to tell you I'm a screamer, but to remind everyone with small, climbing children (and within the realm of my blog) to anchor their furniture to the wall...especially the tall and heavy kind. I didn't know it then, but the dresser in question was actually quite light* (cheers for cheap furniture). However, my other sister (also present at the scene of crime) knows of two children who died this way.

(Here is a how-to link. Works for evil dressers, too.)

On a much MUCH lighter note, I won a contest today. Well, okay...second place. The other two entries were pretty fabulous. Go see.

*later addendumm: While discussing the above incident in-depth with my sister just now, I made a comment about this 'light' dresser. She said she always considered it a very heavy dresser. Hmmmmm. Adrenaline-rush when I easily lifted it off his legs? A very lucky boy? Or maybe guardian angels? :)


  1. How scary! Glad everyone was okay. I heard of a foster parent who had just adopted their 2 year old, when the same thing happened with a dresser and he did die. After that I anchored my son's heavy bookshelf to the wall. Of course, we just moved so now I have to do it all over again.

  2. I'm so glad it turned out okay. Thanks for the advice.

    Congrats on your win over at Natalie's. I enjoyed your story.

  3. Yikes! I am glad everything worked out okay.


  4. Calling 911 was the right thing to do, What if he'd been hurt? At least you'd have someone coming to help. I know it must have been embarrassing, though.

  5. Wow, Jessie. Scary, indeed! Glad everyone's all right. Great news on those contest, though! :)