Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Husbands Are Good For

I've mentioned before that I am concerned about the expiration date on my novel.

See, my novel centers around the Mayan end-of-time prophecy. Which is 2012. Which is in two years.

1) Most agents are looking at novels now for publication in 2012.
2) My novel is not finished. (It's 2010!) Clock is ticking.
(Oh and 3) Most importantly, as the world will be ending in approximately two years, eight months, and eighteen days, who will be left to read my book?)

When I shared these thoughts with my husband he said I only had to change a few things in my novel, and it could be published later.

Like what?! I asked, irritation clouding the air between us like a foul odor intent on stinking up any marital communication that involved my masterpiece.

He suggested, between mouthfuls of underdone red meat, that as the world will in fact not REALLY end in 2012 (you had me fooled, Long Count Calendar), people may want to know exactly who saved them and how.

What a genius.

No more end-of-time pressure.


  1. There's a reason your husband is in the profession he is. It's obvious he can make a great case for what he believes in. :) (Yes, sometimes I end my sentences in prepositions. What of it!)

  2. Hello Jessie,

    I came accross your blog and I'm really interested in your book about 2012! Good luck with the rewrites. I love the title. :)

  3. Sometimes I think rational husbands are the only thin thread that keep us writer wives linked into reality. Glad he was helpful.

    And your books sounds so interesting! Keep at it!

  4. Yes, we husbands have some value, if only you ladies would listen... sheesh, and they say we don't listen. :P

  5. I love fiction. We can do whatever the hell we want!

  6. Why is it husbands never seemed to be stressed out about the same things we are, and always seem to have the miracle answers?? It would be annoying if it weren't so fantastic. :)

  7. Wow, husbands are really good for something. :)

    And, at the end of your last post you said something like, 'I promise my next post will be about writing.' But (and I didn't read the comments, I'm sure someone pointed this out already) your last post was totally about writing. Just replace "baby" with "first draft" and so true. As far as babies go, after seeing that laughing video of yours, I would agree that she is sooooo adorable.

  8. Ha! That's funny. Why is it we always miss the simplest solutions. Gotta love husbands for that.

    Great post. Good luck with your 2012 book. Now a follower ;)

    P.S. I'm also a stay at home mom blogging and writing. Is it just me or isn't one of the most exhausting things to try and keep up?

  9. Wow, I'm glad the world won't end in 2012. That would stink. :)

  10. "between mouthfuls of underdone red meat"- haha! awesome. Glad you aren't feeling the pressure so much anymore. Thank goodness husbands do have those light bulb moments every once in awhile.

  11. You always make me laugh. Since I met you in grade five. And I crushed on your little brother. I cannot wait to read your book!