Thursday, March 4, 2010

*Writes a Blog Post*

We bloggers are funny people. For instance, because we can't actually see each other, we've taken to writing about ourselves in present tense while setting it apart with *asteriks* or -dashes- or < what the heck are these called anyway >

*scratches nose*

And what about the LOL's? Are you really laughing out loud? Are you REALLY rolling on the floor and laughing?

*pulls son off of baby*

I, for one, appreciate the validation that you think my post is funny. (Especially since my main companions still wet themselves, and I'm left to laugh at my own jokes all day.) However, if you are really ROTFLing, that's creepy.

*wipes baby's boogars*

And I'm going to have to ask what nobody else has asked...

*tweets something about my son that is funny but wouldn't flow with this blog post*

Can there be too many blog awards? I like them because somebody blog-loves me, and then I get to pass on the love. But I don't always.

*hides head in shame*
*but not really*
*just a hyperbolic statement, really*
*and honestly I'm not sure I used the word "hyperbolic" correctly*

And who creates these awards in the first place? And why can't I? So, I've invented an award for myself that is non-transferable.

*kisses baby*

I hereby award myself with the UNPREDICTABLE BLOGGER AWARD. To win this award, I must:

1) Have no rhyme or reason as to when or how often I blog.

2) Be very spotty and unfaithful to my fellow bloggers in visiting their blogs.

3) Have mostly unhelpful and sarcastic posts.

*re-reads post to check for grammatical errors*

*gives son extra love due to guilt felt while writing a post during his conscious hours*


  1. Haahaaaa! Love it Jessie. And when I write lol, I'm not usually laughing, but I feel like laughing, or I'm amused, so I just write lol. :-)
    *holding three year old and trying to type*


  2. NROFBSLMBO! (Not rolling on floor but still laughing my butt off) I think you've just inspired me to come up with a whole new language of . . . whatever those run-together capital letters are called. CS (chuckle softly) Great post. Love your sense of humor.

  3. (applauding sounds coming from your audience)- yes, i think there are too many blog awards, despite the fact that i made one up myself just to see how far it would go, but it fizzled on the first go around. oh well. at the same time, i like getting them, but i hate having to follow all the rules to pass them on, plus you never know who already has them, and it's a huge pain to put in all those links and let the said blogger know you gave them an award. that coming from someone who likes giving things to people. it makes blogging almost too complicated.

  4. This was so funny, and yes, I really did laugh OUT LOUD (just ask my 1st period composition class). I love your quirky sense of humor. So fun!! :-)

  5. I would go into the semantics of lol and rofl, but I have a feeling it might ruin your I'll keep my mouth shut:) No one likes my linguistic tirades anyway.

  6. I really did laugh out loud. I did refrain from rolling on the floor and I didn't go so far as to LM*O. But that was very amusing. Very, very amusing. And you know it pains me to admit that!

  7. *Stroking chin as he contemplates posting a comment*

    *Decides not to because he's realtively new here and unsure how it would be received*

    *Besides...he has to go to the bathroom*

  8. I must say that every time I write lol I really am laughing. But, I laugh a lot so maybe it's just me. And everybody knows that the awards are created by people who think torture is funny. I think everyone secretly hates them but then laughs as they pass them on to others.

  9. LOL. I really did but not falling in the floor.

  10. I chuckled.

    Am I allowed to do that?!

    This post was as funny as Jon Paul said it was.

    That's all.

  11. I LOL (laughed out loud), but there was no rolling involved. I always wonder about the awards as well, who starts the balling rolling. I think they should come out of hiding.

    Great post.