Monday, March 8, 2010

Sport Princesses

Yesterday I discovered that one of my girlhood friends, Bethany Hegerhorst, is writing a line of children's books.

The line is Sport Princesses, the idea inspired when her daughter wanted to be a princess and Bethany just wanted her daughter to like sports. :)

Her first book The Soccer Princess: Josephina and the Crustacean King is available in June this year, just in time for the World Cup.

Go check out her blog. She is running a photo contest and a free book giveaway for her first fifty followers.

Anyone who once convinced my little brother to wear a dress and sing "Happy Birthday" deserves your attention.

Update: I advertised incorrectly on the 'free for the first fifty followers' bit. If you are interested in receiving a free book, be one of the first fifty to advertise Bethany's books on your blog (and notify her by email). But you can follow her, too, because she's cool and you want to. :)