Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Normal

This post isn't about the unwritten, unconceived sequel to Heidi's Some Kind of Normal. It's about a husband's unexpected ten-day trip to Texas for back surgery, and the wife he left behind.

(Lest you think I'm selfish, we will first take a moment to consider the months and months of back pain felt by my husband and his stoic and peaceful way of dealing with it.)

(And I will also express gratitude that we know an amazing neurosurgeon in Texas that has now successfully performed two difficult surgeries on my husband's back.)

Now back to the wife left behind...

I packed my bags and my kids and stayed with my parents. I discovered that if you take away a three year-old's daddy and then transplant the three year-old in a place that's not his home and with less cool toys, he will turn into a creature you do not recognize.

It was like invasion of the body snatchers, the resultant mom-stress so intense that I managed to lose four pounds on a diet of brownies, chocolate-chip cookies, and ice cream.

I think the muse snatchers came as well. While I spent several hours screen-looking and word-tinkering after my children were in bed, I wrote very little.

Now we are home.

My husband is here.

And I'm starting to recognize my child again.

Things are back to normal. I LIKE normal.


  1. These are the posts that make me think that maybe I don't want to be a Mum! It's totally worth it though? Right? RIGHT?!

  2. YES YES YES Jade. It's worth it! I wouldn't trade all the NYT bestsellers in the world with my name on them for my life as a mom. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me. YES YES YES. I highly recommend it.

    Shelley-Looking forward to more normal. I'm a routine kind of girl.

  3. I like normal, too. Especially where my kids are concerned.

    I'm glad his back surgery went well.

  4. Ahhh, normal. It's amazing how wonderful normal can seem, when things have NOT been normal for a while. :-)

  5. oh man, I feel your pain. Trips to Grandma and Grandpa's always bring out the monster in a child. It's the perfect, evil blend of too many treats, too many non-childproof areas, and not enough routine. *shudder*

    That said, glad you're back in normalcy. Hurray! And I hope your hubby's back gets better. Man, back problems are the worst. :(

  6. Thanks Myrna-It went well. He gets to walk around on a cane for a few weeks and my son tells him he walks like an old man :)

    Lois-Isn't it funny how much we love to live normal but how much we love to read and write paranormal?

    Shannon-I agree. I guess we need the little road bumps to remind us how much we love and appreciate the hum-drum of life.

    Renee-Yes! You get it! Those little monsters. I did try to remember my son's world had been turned upside down when he was screaming, kicking, and hitting his baby sister.

    Patti-Yes, I did. It's really wierd. I hope it stays off because I can fit into my jeans at last. (My not-skinny jeans.)

  7. Sometimes nothing feels as good as normal. :)

  8. I am late to the convo, but oh yes - isn't normal so wonderful some times? This year was the first year my husband and I did not travel anywhere for the holidays. We stayed put, by ourselves. Not because we don't love our families - it would have been great to see them - but because after an incredibly hectic summer and fall we just needed some normal!

  9. Back surgery, Yikes! I'm glad it all went well. Life can be so stressful sometimes. I hope your hubby has a quick recovery.

  10. Heidi-I made you spew wine! I hope you managed not to stain anything.


    Mary-Since I wrote this post, I've managed to claim 1-2 pounds back.

    Rebecca-Not too late to this convo. See how late I am in responding. Travel? I like normal, but I miss travel. (Travel without small people attached.)

    Kasie-He was just unusually monstrous. Isn't you son potty-trained now? My son could take notes.

    Candice-He's recovering, but can't lift much for several weeks. I get to be the muscles in the relationship.