Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Over It and INTO My Manuscript

I've been stuck on the same little part in my book for the last couple of days. And it's all her fault. She is a minor character, but so far my most difficult to introduce. However, it's very much like her because she would like to be more important. But she's not.

Sorry, Olivia.

You don't even have a last name. Get over it. I just need you to add a little romantic tension between my main character and the boy.

But she's dug her heels in and is refusing to enter the door that is my manuscript. It's not fair.

She may be bitter because I put her beautiful curly hair in a humid climate and stuck it under a bandana. Or she may be upset because I gave her a wide mouth. But I gave her long legs and a British accent. What more can you want as a minor character?

The boy?

Sorry, you are NOT getting the boy.


  1. LOL! Very funny! Hold your ground. Just keep repeating, "I am the author...I am the author...I am the author." Ha ha. :-)

  2. Your last two lines cracked me up. I want to read the novel now.

    Last November, I had a character who kept trying to convince me he was a great guy, the best guy for my MC. Unfortunately for him, I had other plans.

  3. LOL!! Too funny!! I've never had that happen yet, but at the LTUE conference, some of the authors talked about this and said that sometimes they have to cut the character and save them for another manuscript. They said not to fight it. Find another character.

  4. Hey! I have a wide mouth. What's wrong with that? I am now on the side of your character.

  5. Shannon-The perfect mantra for me while wade through this scene. :)

    Myrna-When I started writing, I didn't really get it when writers complained about charaters with their own agenda. I'm getting it now.

    Nikki-You are not allowed to use the letters LTUE in my blog because I didn't go, and maybe I wish I could have.

    Candice-You see, Olivia is a little self-conscious about her mouth even though she is pretty. I like your mouth-you're gorgeous. That's why you are my friend.

  6. But she's the MC of her own story. She thinks she has a real chance.

  7. Renee-How about we trade. You give me your stubborn chracters and I'll give you mine, and then maybe they will feel more at home and let us write.

    Lois-That's beautiful! I love it. All of it, esp. "She thinks she has a real chance." No need to be mad at our minor characters because they deserve our empathy, too. If you look at it that way, maybe there are no real evil characters.

    Nisa-I'm very good at 'telling' people, real and make-believe.

  8. Olivia, thank you for causing Jessie trouble. Let's get together and think up some more ways to make her mad. (Wait, can Jessie see this? Great.)

    I love this post. Characters can have minds of their own. I've had my fair share that refuse to be put in their place.