Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time in a place far above the clouds and somewhere else, there played a little boy and girl.

When they did not play, they waited until it was their turn to join the world of bodies, marshmallows, and Santa Clause.

One day a special wind tickled the ears of the little boy and girl, and they heard a song about a thing called Mother.

"That's lovely," said the girl.

"Yes," said the boy, listening to the rest of the song. "And we shall have the same mother."

They looked down upon the dazzling world below and saw their mother, her eyes closed, and a smile on her lips.

"Oh dear," pouted the girl. "I'm afraid she is dead."

"No, she only sleeps!" said the boy, who was older and wiser by a trifling 200 years.

"A sleeping mother is a dreadful thing!" said the girl.

So they swore on the moon and starshine that once they reunited they would do everything in their power to be sure the mother never slept again.

And then my son was born.


  1. I love this! Very well written, and oh so accurate!
    I have felt your pain. Hang in there! :)

  2. That was very well told. My 3 little darlings all have different sleeping habits. Add writing to the equation, and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get a good night's sleep again.

  3. Aww... I hope you get some sleep soon! Lovely story.

  4. ah yes, this is the life, isn't it? Glad you still have your storytelling abilities! :0) Hang in there, you'll rest soon! Uhm, well, kind of. :0)

  5. beautifully written! :) You'll get sleep again, someday. You don't think it will ever happen, and then one night it does. And then others follow. Then it will just be your worries about them that will keep you up. :)

  6. Great story. In a few years you'll have sleep and then the teenage years start and your lack of sleep starts all over again for different reasons.

  7. LOL! The perfect story for mother's everywhere. I love it. :-)

  8. Oh thanks everyone. My son just went to sleep and my daughter just started her witching hours. Got to go...

  9. LOLOL! i LOVE it! That story is awesome.
    Hang in there... it does get better, I promise!


  10. I feel your pain, Jessie. Both my kids were not good sleepers, but my son was worse than my daughter. I swear he woke up every hour and a half for the first six months. I felt like a walking zombie. Then sometimes his cries would wake my daughter up so we got fans to create white noise in each of their rooms and it did help. I hope you can catch a power nap today!

  11. So funny and SO TRUE. I hope it gets better soon. It seems like mine started sleeping okay (not great though) at about 4 months.

  12. if only i could blame sleepless nights on my kids. mostly it's my creative brain keeping me awake. great post.