Friday, November 13, 2009

S. L. O. W.

No, it's not an acronymn. I wrote my rough draft relatively fast, but the rewrite is so slow I am not even telling you my word count. (No, my pretty inky ladies, not even to YOU.)

I think I'm a little afraid of it. I mean, my rough draft could be bad, but this has to be better. Not just better, it has to be good. And I'm slowing myself down by going back and reading what I have already written and then EDITING it. For shame.

(Oh, and then there's the whole distraction of pending babydom. See, it's coming up in every post now. I can't get away from it...her.)

I'm still trying to pound out the storyline, which has many basic elements from the rough draft but A LOT of rearranging. I'm even mapping it out with sticky 3 x 5's on my bedroom wall. I'm sure the missing pieces will come to me when I don't expect it. Like that one night when I woke up with a full bladder and a great piece to my storyline. It hasn't happened since, but I make sure and drink lots of water before bed now.


  1. I've spent at least twice as long on my revisions than I have on my actual writing. I hope that with each novel it gets easier, because my writing gets better. Hang in there, it will come!

  2. I'm a firm believer that the story comes at its own pace. Any time I've tried to rush ahead, I always end up cutting whatever was written. This is why I don't do NaNo. :)

    Good luck. It'll come.

  3. Oh, those late night bathroom trips. I swear towards the end, I woke up every hour to go. :P You may finish your rewrite before the baby comes after all. haha!

    You'll get there. And I bet the book will be even better than you ever thought it would be!

  4. Revisions just take a while. It's okay! I bet you're doing a really good job.

  5. Yes, revisions are always longer than writing for me too. It's okay. It will happen.

    BTW, I don't believe you're still beating me in the NaGroBaMo.

  6. A fast rewrite=an almost mandatory second rewrite.

    You are going at the speed you need to go.

    But it would be cool to finish one rewritten draft before the baby. Then when you reread again, you'll see it with really fresh eyes.


  7. For me, revisions take light years longer than first drafts. Whatever speed you are going is the right speed. Trust the process because in the end it doesn't matter how long it took, it matters how you feel about the finished product and the energy you put into it.

    From what you describe--the sticky notes and waking up with ideas--it sounds like the story in inhabiting you. I think that's a good sign.
    Good luck!!

  8. Kasie-Are you trying to tell me you are growing a baby now, too?

    Shelley-That was my original goal, but sadly it will not happen.

    Paul-Yes! The story does inhabit me. My theory is that once I have my baby, there will be more room inside of me for the story to inhabit.

  9. Lois-That's what I keep hearing, which is good. Many changes need to be made.


    Jessica-Please see above NaGroBaMo meter.


  10. It's great that you're taking your time, maybe you won't have to do as many revisions as I've done. I'm hoping that will be the case for my next book.