Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little Blog-Love

Having been awarded a couple awards over the last couple of weeks, I must pay my thanks...

From Heidi Willis (who's book Some Kind of Normal comes out in a couple months and if you look at her blog you will see her awesome austere-author photo) I received the Kreativ Blogger award. For this I must list seven things about myself.

1) I am the second of five children. All of us, but one, live close to one other. I love big families. Lots of cousins

2) I hate that initial feeling of stepping out of the shower or bath and feeling wet and cold. So I just don't shower or bathe.

3) I enjoy cooking and baking, and I like to make things from scratch. My husband tells me I am a great cook, but he prefaces this by telling me that I used to not cook so well.

4) I played the piano from ages six to eighteen. I guess I should have included this in my music post. I liked to play fast and loud, using it more as an outlet for teenage angst than an actual display of talent.

5) My son was born with his two bottom teeth. This isn't about me but it's pretty cool. They were loose and a choking hazard. We had to see a pediatric dentist at two weeks and have them pulled. Now his bottom two teeth are missing...never got those babies. We are hoping that the permanent ones are somewhere in there.

6) I am LDS (Mormon). Some of those I blog with I met through Mormon Mommy Writers. My religion is a big part of my life and who I am.

7) I love BBC movies, and have quite the collection. In fact, I have taken a break from all of those British novels that I love, to devour YA literature. I think it is time for me to revisit.

8) (I know I said seven.) My unborn baby's butt is permanently wedged between my ribcage. I include this in case any of you forget that I am pregnant as I'm pretty sure I manage to squeeze this fact into only most of my posts.

From Natalie Murphy, who I recently "met" through blogging and who is doing that amazing thing of both going to school and writing, I received the One Lovely Blog Award.

And since I make up my own rules, I am passing each award onto only one person, regardless of whether they have received it in the past.

The Kreative Blogger award goes to Kasie West ,who is my enemy, because she has recently started a new "kreative" blogging regimen of Maddeningly Unhelpful Advice Mondays, Wednesday Reviews, and...well, I think her Fridays change although she has done Follow Friday. Hers is one of the first blogs I check because she makes me laugh.

The One Lovely Blog Award goes to Beth Mann. Why? Well read the first paragraph of this post, and you will see there is nothing lovelier than that. Yes, she also makes me laugh.

Both have been blog-loved by me already in previous posts, but I awarded above based on very strict criteria and only after hours of evaluating all blogs on my list by said criteria.

And to my son I give the BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP!!! award which is closely followed by the I ALREADY GAVE YOU WATER...TWICE!!! award. Yea, that long nap today? Heaven. But I'm paying for it now.


  1. I think YOU are funny!! :)

    That NAGROBAMO scale on the side?? CLASSIC! I hadn't seen it before, but it had me rolling!!

    You're almost there! Yay! Then you can have that ribcage back. :)

  2. I just realized that you and my sister are due probably the same week. I can't believe you're almost due. That means we've been blog friends for quite a while now. It was fun hearing more about you. I especially like the piano playing as an outlet for teenage angst. I can just imagine your thoughts. Oh, I’ll practiced the piano…

  3. Thanks for the love!!! Here's hoping I can make you laugh so much that the wee one in the belly shifts for you...I remember that feeling...ugh.

  4. I hate being the one away, especially when a baby is born. And 'fast and loud' is quite the understatement...

  5. Heidi-So close. I had my son a little early, so I am placing my bets (and hopes) for right after Thanksgiving. You know, after I get the Christmas decorations up and the poppyseed bread made.

    Jessica-I know, crazy teeth story. I have a ton of newborn teeth pics. I should post one.

    Candice-The beginning of my pregnancy falls very close to when I started branching out more in the blogosphere. So I'd say we have known each other almost nine months. And when I was especially angsty you didn't want to be anywhere near me and a piano.

    Shelley-I did read him that book! And he liked it. Now if you will please just write a book about a few dragons that need to learn to use hte potty before Christmas, I will be especially grateful.

    Beth-I don't think my baby likes it when I laugh. Like when I was watching ELF today with my son for the eighty-seventh time and I laughed out loud at all the same parts I've seen eighty-seven didn't like that so much. A few punches to the bladder.

  6. Your son was born with 2 of his bottom teeth? No way. I've heard of that happening...weird.

    I, too, liked to play the piano fast and loud when I was younger. Erm, I guess I still do.

    Great getting-to-know-you post!

  7. How dare you give me an award, woman! And how dare you tell me it's because I'm one of the first blogs you read. I know what you're doing. You're trying to butter me up and get my defenses down. I'll have you know I am always wary and always guarded. You will not trick me so easily with your niceties and flattering ways.

    I would love to read the list of the criteria used for my award. It was probably something like this:
    1. the blog has to have absolutely no helpful writing advice on it.
    2. the blog has to make no sense.
    3. the author of said blog has to be somewhat crazy.

    Anyway, thanks for the award. I see you're still beating me in the growing a baby department. Grrrrr.

    (btw, I would've seen this post earlier, but yesterday wasn't a good day for me)

  8. Oh, and lest you think I'm a complete narcissist, your list was hilarious. Love number 3 (that's funny) and number 5 (crazy) and number 4 had me laughing. :)

  9. Terresa-It's pretty rare. The pediatrician at the hospital said that he had only seen it one other time in 27 years. My son is just that special.

    Lois-Me too! I mean I'm not looking forward to working with me, but I'm looking forward to working with you! Did you see how much every one liked your slash the trash?

    Kasie-You figured out my designs. I want to get your defenses down so that I can steal your brain, the part of your brain that wrote a book that got an agent. Give it to me.

  10. So you're telling me you have the same Super Power as Sylar from heroes? That's a pretty awesome power. Not as awesome as my super secret power, but very respectable.

  11. This is why we're in the same critique group.
    I'm the youngest of five.
    I hate getting dressed after a shower, have to dry naturally
    Love baking, but my jeans hate me
    Okay I don't have any musical ability, you got me there
    My husband had three sets of teeth, is that similar
    I'm LDS
    Love the BBC, although husband doesn't, for sake of marriage I only watch it when he's gone.
    Okay you have me on the baby in the rib thing, but technically that was your eighth fact, so it doesn't count.

  12. Kasie-I don't know Sylar because I don't watch Heroes. (Actually I don't really watch TV anymore, too many stairs.) But I'm pretty sure we have that in common. And I'm afraid that since I can steal your brain, your secret power won't be secret much longer.

    Patti-Six out of eight. We must be MFEO. Three sets of teeth? That's insane-like a shark. And my husband doesn't watch the BBC movies with me either, although he usually buys them for me for Christmas. It's a no-fail present.