Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life of Quiet

Jenn tagged me last week, and I am supposed to list seven of my favorite songs. The problem is, I don't listen to music. Ever. I mean, there are certain genres of music that I like, but I really don't listen enough or pay attention enough to list songs.

I'm serious.

I don't even listen to the radio in the car, and while I like to say it is because I am listening to my son talk, I'm more certain it is because in movies devastating car accidents happen with a soundtrack. If I eliminate the soundtrack, I will never get into a devastating car accident.

So, instead I will list seven musical things about me, which is probably cheating.

1) I don't ever listen to music. In case you didn't know.

2) I was in choir in high school. I got to wear these awesome shiny teal dresses with puffy sleeves that I think were designed for our high school choir in the 80's.

3) I was in musicals in high school. Mostly chorus roles, but a few minor roles. My most memorable moment was during the Potiphar dance when I twirled the cane right out of my hands, sending it clattering across the stage, and having to force a smile the rest of the dance while I danced cane-less.

3 1/2) That makes me a choir/drama geek in high school.

4) One of the first times my husband saw me I was singing...a solo...in front of hundreds of people (mostly teenagers). Yes, I did mess up by stumbling over a few words, and I'm sure it was because my subconscious and my husband's subconscious were too busy ogling each other.

5) I do like the Les Mis soundtrack. And besides the fact that it stirs something in the very core of my soul, I like it because my husband, who is a man's man, knows every word. He belts it out in the car (he listens to music in the car), vibrato and everything, which is more endearing than soul-stirring, but wonderful.

6) I love Irish music. We even had an Irish band play at our wedding reception. And I guess if I have to list any artist on this post it would be Connie Dover, who grew up in Weston, Missouri, a town nearby that I love.

7) I watched two seasons of American Idol. Starting last year I gave it up because it took too much time. However, I will always have a special place in my heart for David Cook because he's from Blue Springs, Missouri where I lived from baby to five years. And he's adorable.

And now I suppose I need to tag others. Only I've kind of morphed the tag into something unrecognizable. So I will copy Kasie and tag anyone who loves music. Or musical things. Actually, I'd love to find someone who also never listens to music, and then we can be friends.

By the way, once a long time ago Kasie gave me an award, and I never acknowledged it on my blog or passed it on, but I think it is because I was perpetually pukey or maybe somewhere in another country near the Baltic Sea. I don't remember what it was for, though...probably "Best Blog Ever Award" or "I Want To Be You Award." Just mentioning it now so Kasie knows there is no blog-love lost on her, even though I am already on a multiple number of her hate lists.


  1. This is so funny because I did this blog today to. I, like you, don't really listen to music. I was also in choir and musicals in high school and I love the Les Mis soundtrack and American Idol (though I have also only watched 2 seasons). So I am pretty much just like you! You must be very cool :)

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE music. Les Mis and Irish music are higher on my list, too.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Like Jessica I'm stunned as well and jealous because I can't sing a note.

  4. Jessica-I know, I make no sense.

    Natalie-Good, we can be friends...cool friends.

    Wendy-What's not to love about Irish music? It has place with it, and takes you somewhere faraway where mists rise over green pastures.

    Patti-Don't be too jealous. I only got into choir because my choir director thought if my sister could sing, I could too. I can carry a tune because I played the piano for so long, but my singing voice is nothing special. I promise.

  5. Oh Jessie (I'm raising my fist to the sky right now), why must you torment me? You don't like music? The only thing I do in the car is listen to music. If I could I'd make a soundtrack for my life (which, btw, I make a soundtrack for all my books and generally if I beta for someone, I make a soundtrack for their book as well--yes, I'm obsessive, why do you ask?).

    Have you ever seen Unbreakable? I didn't really like it (I'm sure you do) but it is one of my husband's favorites and me and him have this joke about how we must find our opposite so that we will have a motivation in life. The motivation, of course, being that we will find a way to destroy that person who is the exact opposite of us. :) I must say, Jessie, I'm so happy I found you. My life was incomplete without my opposite.

    Now, prepare for battle. (BTW, you can be the one whose bones get broken all the time. I'll be the one who never gets sick.)

  6. btw, I don't remember which award I gave you (I'm sure it was one of the ones you mentioned) nor did I remember that you didn't post it. I'm really bad about doing awards when people tag me.

    But, stay tuned, because I'm going to have a special award on my blog just for you on Friday (don't worry, you won't really have to post it on your blog, it's all in good fun. Are you scared now? You should be. Mua ha ha ha--wait, am I the evil one or are you? I better take the role of the evil one, you're way too cute, no one would buy that you're evil--now, where was I? Oh right, Mua ha ha ha)

  7. Kasie-Don't worry, I'm not a very big fan of the Unbreakable. But it also had an unfair disadvantage following in the footsteps of Sixth Sense. No, I liked Signs much better. And I'm glad you didn't make me the evil one in the end because a) broken bones...ouch and b) my laugh is not so awesomely evil as yours. I'm excited for my award. I'm also glad that I found my opposite. Now I am complete.

  8. Wow! I'm not sure if we can be friends now! *Hangs head in sorrow* You disappoint me so! Of course, they say that opposites compliment each other and you're a fan of Les Mis, and that wipes out a multitude of sins. Whew! Maybe we'll be able to work together.

  9. No music?? Isn't that like a prerequisite for writing novels? I'm in a state of complete and utter astonishment! My favorite possession (okay, okay I'm being a bit hyperbolic) is my shiny blue ipod. How can you not listen to music. Is it that you're so musical it bothers you and you hear all the flaws? There has to be an explanation. That's just not natural.

  10. Lois and Candice-You both are so astonished and ashamed. It's not that I don't like music. I do. Part of it is that I don't know where to begin really. If you set my husband's ipod in front of me I wouldn't know what to play. My sister did make me a couple of CD's. Maybe I should start there.

  11. Oh, baby, I can make you a list! Of course, it depends on what you go for, but I can guarantee that I have opinions of great music in almost every type. Love songs. I got you covered. Dance songs. We're good. Show tunes. Cha-ching! Musical only? Even there. In fact, there's a double cd set that I particularly like to edit by. That said, you might want to start with your sister's cds. I might just end up leaving you not knowing where to begin.

  12. i was singing and muscials too! do you watch Glee?

  13. Lois-An set of CD's for editing? I'm impressed.

    Shelli-I have seen the trailer on the internet. It looks very good, but must I confess this, too? Okay, you forced me. I hardly watch TV anymore. I like TV, but in our new house it's in the basement and not so convenient.

    Caroline-Never have numbers been sung so beautifully.

  14. Hey Jessie! Can't say that I never listen to music, but it is funny that you're the second blogger I've read today that mentioned not watching TV. I'm not much of a TV person myself.Thanks for the humerous post!