Friday, September 4, 2009

What a Week!

It has been a very busy week. I had to move old tenants out of House We Cannot Sell, get House ready, move tenants into House...all while being sick and tending to a sick child. THEN, add the whole my-son-erasing-part-of-my-book debacle a few days ago. Should have been the perfect recipe for an unproductive week in writing, right?

Incredibly, WRONG!

This has been the most productive week for me probably ever. I was set back a couple of days when I had to rewrite the 5000 my son deleted. (I only came up with 4400 words, though, on my rewrite-hopefully those 600 words were not very important.) But look! Book Number Two (the one that I love) is kicking Book Number One's butt. (Can I say 'butt' on my blog?)

What better way to end a productive writing week than to win a contest?! I won (well...runner-up) Natalie's contest to create a metaphor with orange. And I win a black-and-white picture drawn by Natalie of a scene from my book. I'm very excited.

And for more blog-love: aside from having awesome contests, Natalie is now the proud client of Nathan Bransford. (Whew, that was a lot of links.) Wow. Awe. Most of you blog with Natalie and already know this, but there are a few that may be unaware of Natalie's supremacy.

Now back to the writing board.


  1. Isn't it funny how it works that way sometimes? Maybe it's that our minds click into Must-Get-Things-Done mode, and extra writing is a pleasant bi product.

    Well, keep going strong! You've broke the 10,000 word mark! That's big! :)

  2. Sounds like you've been really busy.

    As far as those missing words, well, you just made the book tighter!

  3. That is AWESOME that you've had such a great week with your writing!!! And you will love love love Natalie's drawing for you. I still have her picture of my Catarina character taped up by my computer. I look at it all the time to get inspired.

  4. Woohooo! Sounds great to me. :-) Congrats for being runner-up and I'm glad everything else is working out. How's the pregnancy going?
    I'm sorry you guys were sick but hope you're feeling better now!

  5. Patti-It was a good chapter! And I'm looking forward to more next week...if you don't happen to submit it before I'm done.

    Shelley-Hi! 8 years, wow. That takes a different kind of courage. The 5000 was still pretty fresh on my mind when I rewrote it so it wasn't hard.


    Renee-A very pleasant bi-product, and the 10,000 word mark is big? Woo-eee!

    Ron-Hi again! I'm sure you are right-in the long run, if I didn't remember those words they were probably unnecessary. That's likely what my son thought when he deleted it..."tighten, Mommy, tighten."

    Heidi-You can be jealous of my writing week, and I will be jealous of you being a published author in a few months. Mutual jealousy is definitely healthy.

    Jessica-Pregnancy is going well, except that when you are sick and pregnant, sickness likes to stay longer. But really, I'm in the most comfortable part right now before I get tooo big. By then Muse may think there is little room for both him AND baby, so I need hurry up and write!