Thursday, September 10, 2009

The End

No, not the end of my manuscript.

The end of my iBook.

Today, my computer crashed. I mean, it really crashed, as in it slipped off my pregnant lap onto the floor and crashed. It wasn't much of a fall, but enough to kill the seven-year old Mac.

Luckily, I had backed up my file with the exception of maybe 1000 words, which I will reclaim tonight.

So the Latin Litigating Lover and I had a talk. Could we afford a new laptop? Well, we figured if A + B divided by the square root of X equals maybe we can afford it, then maybe we can.

So we did. Only I just wanted my husband's laptop's twin while he tried to convince me to get the one with the bigger screen.

In the end, I said you take the big screen brand new laptop. I'll take your laptop. So husband is happy because now he has new electronics. I am happy because now my laptop isn't an old man. And he is kind of pretty.

P.S. New laptop is not a Mac. I know a lot of writers dream of Macs, but I had one for seven years and decided it was nothing very special for way too much money. Give me my second-hand Toshiba anyday.

P.S.S. I would take a picture of my Toshiba, but I've been dropping more than just laptops lately. And my camera is at Kodak being repaired from its recent fall.


  1. Dropping things? Hmm... wonder what Freud would have to say about that!

  2. I hope your new machine inspires your Muse.

  3. How funny, my desktop died yesterday. It just gave up the ghost. So Neal and I started looking at new Macs to replace it. It's like we're living parallel lives in reverse. :) Oh yeah and the laptop I'm working on until I get my new desktop (I prefer writing at a desktop computer) is a Toshiba.

  4. Corey-Ha! I'd like to blame it on pregnancy, but I've been dropping things all my life.

    Ron-Thanks, my muse was always a little nervous that all of its work would be wasted on end-of-life ibook.

    Jessica-There is not very much to my laptop. I can type on it. I can use the internet. And that makes me happy. I was having to go between two computers for writing and internet, too. It's nice to have one for both uses.

  5. Candice-Well, at least yours just gave up the ghost. I hastened the end of my computer's life. I know, I'm a little backward...going from Mac to PC.

  6. I'm still a Mac person. I work on a PC at work and a Mac at home. One day I'll get a laptop, maybe Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Good to see your word count expanding.

  7. Awesome! I know it may be old hat to you, but I still get giddy to even hear about other people getting Macs. They're the BEST!

    *kisses Beloved several times*

  8. Man, there's nothing more frustrating that losing your computer! I'm glad you got a replacement so fast. :)

  9. Macs overrated???? Oh no, you are on my list. :) I'm glad you have a semi new baby to work on. I'm sorry to hear you're dropping things. Blame the pregnancy.

  10. I always get the hand-me-down technology, but I like it that way. Then I never have to figure out how to solve the problems....somebody before me already did!

    Hurray for your laptop!


  11. Kasie-I think I've hit my dropping maximum for the rest of my pregnancy.

    Shelley-I agree. No problems on this laptop. (My husband is already having problems on his new laptop.)