Friday, August 28, 2009

When YA Literature Promotes Marital Bliss

My husband and I are beginning to compromise on something we have differed on since the beginning of us. It is a very difficult subject, and something I hesitate to make public on this blog.


He has grown up in love with the undead, and owns every zombie movie ever made. Lawyer by day, but zombie killer by night, he plays Resident Evil on Play Station 3 (AFTER our son has gone to bed).

I tried to love it with him. I watched Resident Evil with him, but even the clean flicks version was too gross. I even watched the grandfather of all zombie movies. You know the black and white one from the 60's, with bad makeup? Still pretty gross.

But then I read a zombie book. And then another one. Okay, so zombies in literature aren't as gross as zombies on film. Now we can discuss rotting, walking, brainless corpses together and enjoy them. What have I learned from this? The best way to kill a zombie is to chop off its head.


  1. I'm laughing right now because my sister's husband loves Call of Duty-- the Nazi Zombies version. It's so gross and disturbing and I've made him promise never to play it when my son is around. Your husband should check out Carrie Harris's blog. She photoshops lolzombies (her term). They are stinkin hilarious! There's a link to her page on mine.

    I'm glad you and your hubby have one more thing to bond over. :)

  2. LOL Wow. After all these years you've finally reached through the walking dead and found each other. How romantic. :)

  3. Ewww, yuck! LOL Interesting about the zombie books though. I've heard that might be the next craze???

  4. I loved Carrie Ryan's book. Zombies I'm not sure because I'm really just a big chicken, but it's always good when you find something in common with your husband. That's why I watch so many sports.

  5. Candice-What is it with men and killing zombies? Reading them is enough for me.

    Kasie-Really, I don't know if we truly understood romance until now.

    Renee-I'll send you some tissues.

    Jessica-I think the zombie craze in lit is growing, only they can never be sexy like vampires.

    Patti-I loved Carrie Ryan's book as well. My husband really enjoys basketball. Unfortunately, while I can compromise on zombies, I never can on sports.