Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I really have not forgotten how to post. However, between moving and visiting in-laws in Texas and just being plain lazy, I have not posted for almost a month.

(By the way-it is hot in Texas. Don't visit Texas in August, especially if you are pregnant. Fortunately, Kansas has had an unusually cool summer. I'm pretty sure it is because Kansas likes me and Texas does not. This is why we should stay in Kansas and not move to Texas, probably ever.)

While in Texas I found an in-the-flesh writing friend. My husband's best friend's wife is also writing a book. We have known each other since I have known my husband, but only after our husbands mentioned the fact during this visit did we make the connection that we were both writers.

I intended to do a lot of writing during our visit. I lugged my heavy laptop through the airport with a three year-old in tow because I had such lofty goals. Yet, deep down didn't I know that I would actually do very little writing? My son wouldn't leave me alone. And he's really cute, and how can I choose my laptop over him when he has three months left as an only child?

In a few weeks, I am attending the SCBWI conference in Kansas City. I have nothing solid to bring. I am not looking for an agent or even for a critique. (Plus, they cost more money.) But I'm excited for the experience and the opportunity to meet more writers.

And finally, for more news on the writing front, I did submit my very short children's book that I will forever be attached to in a contest. The Spoonful of Cherrios contest. Of course I did hesitate to enter when I saw that a lifetime supply of Cherrios wasn't stipulated in the prize. However, the winner does get $5000 and an agent and a book deal.

Now that life is regaining some form of normalcy, I hope to write much more. Then again, since I am actually publishing that in my blog I am really jinxing myself.

P.S. I am not talking about the second word-count bar because it may be a little shameful that I swore not to waver from the first book but have cheated on it already.

P.S.S. On a completely unrelated note and yet much more exciting than anything writing related, since I started this post and finished it my son tried asparagus. And he liked it! As a reward he gets to eat a popsicle.


  1. I think real life writing friends are awesome. I'm lucky to have a writer's group where I live. I knew someone for about two years, and knew that she wrote, before I mentioned starting a group. It's been a great experience for us.

    The SCWBI conference sounds fun. I'm headed to one in North Carolina at the end of September. The one I attended at BYU was good, but next year I'm going to try to do the National SCWBI Conference.

    Writing on vacation is so hard for me. I want to write, but it rarely happens. I feel like I have to spend time with family, since it is vacation. But I love spending time with them.

  2. How wonderful to have a real life writing friend (unlike all of us avatars). I cheat on my books too. I can't help it, but I always go back. Good luck in the contest!

  3. We all have lofty goals. At least you have a laptop to take with you. I keep begging my husband, but to no avail. He told me I can always use his.

    Yeah for asparagus. My daughter loves it along with suishi, mushrooms, and peppers. I know weird for a 7 year old.

    Good to have to you back.

  4. Well, you may have been gone for a long time, but you are back in rare form. I was laughing through this whole post. :)

    Have fun at your conference! I'm jealous. I'd love to go to one of those.

    Also, lol to the second word counter. Been there. SO been there. :)

  5. Well, you waited a month and look at what an awesome post you had! I'm jealous of both your in-flesh writing friend and your conference!

    And your son who likes asparagus! :)

  6. Mim-Family is such a hindrance to writing, but since I love them more they are allowed to hinder.

    Candice-I am a little jealous of your real life writing friend, and of Kasie's too.

    Natalie-I'm afraid I am not getting a little out but a lot, and rather than helping me refocus on my first book, it may just do the opposite.

    Patti-I'm impressed that you wrote your whole book on a desktop. I have to sit on a couch or a bed. Hmmm....maybe THAT is my efficiency problem.

    Renee-I'm glad I made you laugh, but if I'm back in rare form, does that mean I rarely make you laugh? ;)

    Jessica-And I'm afraid it was a one-time experience. My mom offered him asparagus the other day and he wasn't interested.

    Heidi-Please see above comment.