Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The last couple of nights, rather than writing, I have been reminiscing. Yes, I have been reading my older, neglected work. And it has been bittersweet. I have said more than once and to more than one unfinished book, "Why did I abandon you? We could have created something great together!"

Maybe one day. Maybe one day I'll come back to you.

However, I drew up a tally of books I have begun since I started writing. This includes the small amount of time immediately after marriage that I wrote (but this didn't last long because I was working full-time and being a newlywed the rest of the time). And the tally is 7. It is kind of shameful because they are good ideas, but all undone.

There is an eighth book that I did complete, but it is a 1000 word text for a children's book. I want to have a 70K YA book to show for all of this want to write.

And so, I am taking a big step in this blog. I am posting a word-count meter.

I did start a new book since coming back from Europe, and it has been slow. But wait, I'm slow, but that's why I am hoping that publishing my word count will help to motivate me to finish this thing...and speed it up a little bit.

By the way, the Maya book I have previously posted about...I couldn't even go back and reminisce with that one. I couldn't even run the little cursor over the file on my desktop. It was a painful breakup. I can't talk about it anymore.

So, here is my new book. I have a title I like, but haven't quite reached THAT stage in my blog yet...where I actually name my book. I don't even name my family members. And we all know that a book is very like a family member. So it shall be called, The Book That Will Be Finished.


  1. I LOVE the name "The Book That Shall Be Finished"!!! I should name my own WIP that! Even though I have finished two books, I'm having a hard time attaching myself to one now.

    I think the biggest sense of accomplishment is knowing I have finished a book. Anyone can start one. Anyone can have a good idea. But finishing it - writing the entire thing - is the really hard part.

    You can do it! Good for you for being brave enough to write a blog about the process and put yourself out there... and good for you for posting a word count. It's a scary thing. But it makes for a good commitment!

  2. I have one finished book, and one that is about 60% finished. Once I finished that first one, it motivated me to finishe the one I am working on now.
    I have about seven WIP that I have neglected for a while, but I WILL get back to them eventually. If not all, then the few that actually have some merit.:)
    Good luck on finishing "The Book that Shall Be Finished!" It's a long road, but worth it in the end!

  3. It's good to have so many ideas because once you get your first one done you can go back to them. I'm afraid I've been beating my book like a dead horse. I either need to let it be put out to pasture or put it down.

    Love the title "The Book that Shall be Finished"

  4. Very cute, Jessie. :-) I like word meters just because they nag me to put something up, and then when I do, there's a tangible picture of accomplishment for me to look at and pat myself on the back for. LOL!
    Don't worry about writing fast, just do what works for you. :-)

  5. Heidi-you are the first one that said it and then almost everyone after you...The Book That SHALL Be Finished (not The Book That Will Be Finished). I'm changing it on my word meter.

    Chantele-I'm glad to hear that once you finished the one book, it motivated you to go back and finish the other. Maybe all my lost ideas won't be so lost in the end.

    Renee-So it worked for you? Good, I hope that I'm so motivated.

    Natalie-If all my ideas nagged me, I would be schizophrenic.

    Patti-Actually your analogy "putting it out to pasture" is a very good one, because you aren't letting it go...just letting it go out on its own for awhile and fatten up.

    Jessica-Yes, you were my first inspiration for word meters. You and your what is it now...99% done?

  6. Nothing like turning the page in life to a new love, a new WIP. I'm a generalist and as such have written odds and ends book ideas/short story ideas/poetry ideas since 8th grade and then stashed them places to re-read and muse over the rest of my life.

    Sigh. Glad to know I'm not alone in that.

    For now, I'm ignoring those and working on my as-yet-unfinished manuscript. And I thought birthing a baby was work! :)

  7. GOGOGO!!! i know you can do it! How exciting! there's nothing I love more than a brand new shining book just bursting with ideas, life and energy and waiting to be brought to life! Enjoy! Jenni

  8. Right. I wish I had the much done. LOL And really, I can go past 75k, and probably should, I just had to choose a number and that's the minimum word count for the standard single title. Sigh.

    Hope you enjoy your word meter. :-)