Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rants and Things

Is there anything cuter than watching my son sit in a moving box, coloring the inside with markers?

Is there anything more annoying than having moving boxes in my house for reasons other than entertaining my son...that is, MOVING. While only moving a few miles away, I still have to pack things up and then (oh dread) unpack them. Blah.

Why do I feel like I am carrying around 50 extra pounds, not just 20? I am growing in places besides my belly, and while much curvier than before, it's obnoxious. You know all those pretty pregnant people? I'm not one of them. My face is fat.

Oh boy, my son just stood up with marker all over his face and hands...and Thomas pajamas. Time for a bath, after I finish this post.

I am 9000 words into my book. And I've hit the wall where I think my book is no good. I know where I want it to be, but I don't know how to get there. And maybe I've taken a detour because it's awful. BUT I have committed to finishing it, and so I will. (My sister did laugh out loud a few times while reading. That was a pick me up.)

And why does this housing market have to be so terrible? If it wasn't terrible then we could sell our house that we don't live in but rent out. My Latin Litigating Lover and I stayed up late last night drafting a lease. Now I am very well versed in contract language. So much that I kept trying to tell my husband things like "No, 'heretofore' sounds MUCH better than 'herein.'"

Now my son is climbing on me. Time to go.


  1. Ick, moving. That's why you hit a writing wall. You must be exhausted. It's okay to step back and wait for the next part to hit you. Just don't stop:)

    And your book doesn't suck:P You're just at the "do I really want to commit to 50k more words?" phase. It'll pass.

  2. Ooh, I hear you on the house. My hubby is a realtor. *grimace* Thank goodness for renters.
    Too cute about your boy. :-)
    I regularly hit blocks in my stories. Keep chugging and I bet you'll get to a scene you really love!

  3. Good luck on the move. The thought of packing up my house makes me almost sick. Keep pushing on the book. I hit blocks all the time and you just have to push through them.

  4. Wahoo for rants!! And as far as rants go that was very respectable. It covered many topics. It was appropriately angsty. There was plenty of complaining. I give it an A-. Next time I would like a little more whininess for a strong A+. :)

    Congratulations on the baby girl. Girls are so fun and dramatic. :)

  5. I HATE to move. Here's hoping it goes smoothly for you and that renting out your house isn't too bad. Many people love to do that because they can still earn equity on their houses while having the rent covered. Hope it works out like that for you.

  6. I hate moving! There was my little rant to add to yours. I couldn't really write at all for the last two months. But now that we're a bit more settle I've had some fantastic break throughs. I think your brain just has to be freed from all the stressful stuff.

  7. i feel so lost when i move. like my roots have been dug up and until i can rebury them, I am just floating.