Friday, June 26, 2009

To Love

Today my husband and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary! Only six years ago we first laid eyes on each other in San Antonio while we both worked at EFY, a church youth conference. We both attended BYU at the time, so naturally our romantic interest had the opportunity to grow into something more until Thanksgiving weekend of that same year when he said, "Let's discuss creating a merger this summer."

After meeting my family over Christmas, he proposed to me in Las Vegas in front of the Bellagio water show. Very romantic. By the way, the romance doesn't end. Guess what we are doing to celebrate our five year? Seeing Transformers at the Imax of course! (Okay, in addition to dinner and a dozen roses.)

And what makes my husband so great? Besides the fact that he is a babe?

1) He writes me poetry.

2) Even after he puts our son in time-out, he holds him and kisses him and makes him understand.

3) He is a babe.

4) He watched Twilight with me.

5) He goes grocery shopping for me. And he LIKES it.

6) He tells the girls at the office how much he loves me, and then they tell me.

7) He is honest. He is good.

8) He gave up Texas for me.

9) He has big muscles.

10) He believes in me.


  1. Awww! That last pic is adorable. Your son is too cute! :)

    Happy Anniversary! Your hubby sounds like an awesome guy. Any guy who will go grocery shopping is a true find.

  2. Oh congrats! You guys are a beautiful family! I don't think your eyes look evil. Your husband is a great guy! :D

  3. Oh my goodness! YOu look so beautiful, and you have a lovely family! Congrats on the anniversary. :-) I hope you two enjoy the movie.

  4. Happy Anniversary. What a good looking family. Next year you'll have one more great creation.

  5. Renee-Yes it is a good thing one of us likes it. I hate to grocery shop.

    Glam-Thanks, but I had one brother-in-law tell me I looked like I wanted to kill someone in that picture and another brother-in-law tell me that I looked like I had just passed gas. Don't worry, neither is true. And brother-in-laws are rotten.

    Jessica-Transformers at the Imax was SOLD OUT! But we did watch it on a regular screen, and it was SO intense, that I may have gone into early labor had we seen it at the Imax.

    Patti-Thanks, I'm looking forward to the one more great creation to show itself and stop wearing me out from the inside.

  6. Congrats! Both on the anniversary and on finding such an obvious keeper!!

    I lived in Texas. I know how much it means if someone is willing to give that up for someone else!!!

    You have a really beautiful family! I hope the next 50 years are just as great!

  7. Ok how cute are you! LOL! And happy anniversary! That's an awesome family photo! And he sounds absolutely perfect! Jenni

  8. happy anniversary (belated) - dorable family :)

  9. OMG i just reread your list - I love your hubby too! he's so sweet. ;)