Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fashion Tips

So while writing, I have stumbled on a very difficult question.

I know what my characters like.

I know what color their hair and eyes are.

I know where they live and go to school.

But what do they wear?!

I hardly knew what the teen fashions were when I was a teenager. So you can imagine I am really lost now. What are my characters supposed to wear? I need to pay more attention. So today I googled a few teen starlets and looked at their fashion choices.

And while many of the styles and choices were good for all of my axillary characters, my MC just wants to stick to jeans and T-shirts. Go figure.


  1. LOL! I'm a stickler for fashion and so I try to jump the gun and see where trends are going before they get there. My characters tend to have certain things that they love. Like a black tee with red sparkly lips across the front, or Vans, or Converse shoes that are embellished. Or they love something like a butterfly or cute saying on a shirt... but for the most part I don't go into heavy description of clothes--just jeans super fab top and bangles that sort of thing-- with like a quirky purse that's described so it brings the reader into the story. All you need to do is hit ONE point (color, saying, sparkle, shoe, accessory...)that can be perfectly visualized and the reader will automatically assume the rest. Jenni

  2. Famous teens might give you a starting point, but they're not going to be very accurate. Your best bet is to visit a local high school if you can (though it's summer so you might not be able to). Barring that, maybe search on YouTube or MySpace. You'll find many teens on there, often in their natural habitat and plumage. Try searching YouTube for high school football games or talent shows or anywhere where you'll find lots of normal teens in the background.

  3. I agree with Natalie,. Stick with basics plus you can never go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt.