Sunday, June 21, 2009


My Dad.

This picture was taken when my dad and I went biking together in Moab, as he was driving me home from my Sophomore year at BYU. He always does as much as he can for his kids. I mean, he could have just had me come home on a plane, right? But, no, most of the time we came home from college, it was with him at the wheel, and sometimes with some fun stops.

Oh yes, and there was that time he just came out to visit me the Fall of my Sophomore year, and we rented a Harley and rode all over the mountains all day.

And speaking of college, I could always count on my dad at the other end of the line to sort out the stress in my life. And I called him a lot, and after we talked, I always saw my life a little more clearly. Suddenly, the tests and boys and friend problems and homesickness didn't seem too unbearable anymore.

Words are really insufficient to explain him to you. I mean, he was just a kid when he got married, and together he and my mom have wielded this beautiful, perfect force that is our family.

And being a dad is your greatest accomplishment.

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!


  1. Very sweet post. :-) You're blessed to have a dad like that.

  2. great post! I love to read other's reflections on their parents.