Friday, June 26, 2009

To Love

Today my husband and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary! Only six years ago we first laid eyes on each other in San Antonio while we both worked at EFY, a church youth conference. We both attended BYU at the time, so naturally our romantic interest had the opportunity to grow into something more until Thanksgiving weekend of that same year when he said, "Let's discuss creating a merger this summer."

After meeting my family over Christmas, he proposed to me in Las Vegas in front of the Bellagio water show. Very romantic. By the way, the romance doesn't end. Guess what we are doing to celebrate our five year? Seeing Transformers at the Imax of course! (Okay, in addition to dinner and a dozen roses.)

And what makes my husband so great? Besides the fact that he is a babe?

1) He writes me poetry.

2) Even after he puts our son in time-out, he holds him and kisses him and makes him understand.

3) He is a babe.

4) He watched Twilight with me.

5) He goes grocery shopping for me. And he LIKES it.

6) He tells the girls at the office how much he loves me, and then they tell me.

7) He is honest. He is good.

8) He gave up Texas for me.

9) He has big muscles.

10) He believes in me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My Dad.

This picture was taken when my dad and I went biking together in Moab, as he was driving me home from my Sophomore year at BYU. He always does as much as he can for his kids. I mean, he could have just had me come home on a plane, right? But, no, most of the time we came home from college, it was with him at the wheel, and sometimes with some fun stops.

Oh yes, and there was that time he just came out to visit me the Fall of my Sophomore year, and we rented a Harley and rode all over the mountains all day.

And speaking of college, I could always count on my dad at the other end of the line to sort out the stress in my life. And I called him a lot, and after we talked, I always saw my life a little more clearly. Suddenly, the tests and boys and friend problems and homesickness didn't seem too unbearable anymore.

Words are really insufficient to explain him to you. I mean, he was just a kid when he got married, and together he and my mom have wielded this beautiful, perfect force that is our family.

And being a dad is your greatest accomplishment.

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fashion Tips

So while writing, I have stumbled on a very difficult question.

I know what my characters like.

I know what color their hair and eyes are.

I know where they live and go to school.

But what do they wear?!

I hardly knew what the teen fashions were when I was a teenager. So you can imagine I am really lost now. What are my characters supposed to wear? I need to pay more attention. So today I googled a few teen starlets and looked at their fashion choices.

And while many of the styles and choices were good for all of my axillary characters, my MC just wants to stick to jeans and T-shirts. Go figure.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Me at Fourteen

This is another post on teenage girls and boys. So if you are looking for an informative and intelligent post about writing, you can just go.

When I was fourteen, I started OBSESSIVELY keeping a journal. I mean, 2 to 3 notebook pages everyday. That is every day for about the next ten years. (And then I got married, and suddenly lost my urge to obsessively journal. I have decided it is because my journaling was an outlet for my desire for everlasting love. So when I found it, no need for an outlet anymore.)

It is funny to look back and read my fourteen year-old self. Mostly laugh at my fourteen year-old self. Like when I didn't understand why the boys didn't like me. I just DIDN'T GET IT. I was cute. I was fun. Why didn't they like me? Well, please enjoy the following excerpts and let me know if it really takes a detective to figure out what I did wrong.

Dec 3, 1994...I asked [Crush #1] to dance. He said he didn't want to, and I hit him.

Dec 28, 1994...I called and he was short with me. He said he was watching a movie. I was short with him back. I said, 'Well, [Crush #1], you are as boring as %$** so I'll let you go.'

Disclaimer-I don't swear, and I sure as heck didn't swear when I was fourteen. Unless I was incensed at Crush. Then I may have swore.

March 5, 1995...The whole night (youth dance) with [Crush #2] consisted of an argument on [Un-named Issue].

May 22, 1995...I wrote [Crush #3] last night. It was four pages long and kind of a dumb letter but he'll get over it if he likes me enough.

Okay, so apparently no one ever gave me lessons, on coy, shy, subtle flirting. I kind of figured it out as the years wore on, and now I can have a good laugh. (Laughter and maybe a few tears for the fourteen year-old girl immortally caught in these pages who wonders day after day why she can't get a boyfriend, the most desired thing in the world.)

And I would like to close with this final excerpt, which feeling conveyed is the very opposite of the feeling teenage girls have in the wilderness as discussed in previous post.

Jan 1, 1995...I don't want to wait around for a boyfriend until I am 16 and gray.

Older Jessie to Younger Jessie: There is so much more to life than boys.

Younger Jessie: Yeah, right. I'm going to go stalk Crush #4.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"What are Men to Rocks and Mountains?"

Although Jane Austen's Elizabeth was still unwed at one-and twenty, she was able to put her romantic angst behind her and find happiness in the prospect of a trip to the Lakes with her aunt and uncle.
I just spent two days as camp nurse at Girls' Camp, and therefore had further opportunity to observe my chosen audience. The most important conclusion that I came to?

Although teenage girls may thrive off the attention of and potential romances with teenage boys, they seem so free and unrestrainedly happy in the woods far, far away from any teenage boy.

Hair was unkempt. Makeup was left at home. They wore T-shirts and boy shorts. There was much skipping and singing and hollering and absolutely everything was one hundred percent pure and essential themselves.

And although I want to write a young adult book with romance, I don't want my message to be boy equals happiness. I want my reader to close the book and feel good about who they are and what they represent.