Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby, Baby, I'm Back

I have been back for a week now from my Baltic Sea Cruise. I have a blog post planned with pictures and bits about my trip.

But not yet.

I am just touching base with the blog world right now to bring you this news...

(completely unrelated to writing)

I'm pregnant!

Yea! Actually, I'm 12 weeks pregnant yesterday. I wanted to wait a little before blog telling.

And I'm SURE it's a girl because I've been sicker with this pregnancy than my first. (And my mother-in-law thought my husband was a girl when she was pregnant with him. I'm glad she was wrong.)

The sickness has mostly subsided, leaving behind a lot of tired. Combine that with jet lag, and well...that is one reason I have been so blog-neglectful since I've returned. The other reason is that when I'm not resting I'm eating. Then I have to rest from eating. Speaking of eating...


  1. Jessie, that is lovely news! I hope it didn't ruin any of your trip. Congrats. I love little girls, so let's hope it is one if that's what you want. :D

  2. Congrats again. Hope your feeling better soon. Also when I was pregnant with my daughter it was completely different.

  3. Thanks for all of your congratulations!

  4. Sooo Awesome!! I hope your sickness didn't interfere with your trip to much. I can't wait to see pictures. Meanwhile, take care of yourself and congratulations!

  5. OUR baby girl doesn't make people sick.

  6. Yeah, well my baby girl is going to beat your baby girl up.