Friday, April 3, 2009

Street Contact by Boy

The other day I was listening to old sound files on my iBook, old sound files that are part of a brilliant album recorded by this great artist. His nickname is Boy because when you are born in a family with only sisters, that is just what you are.

Before my brother was a medical student, husband, and almost-father, he wrote several songs and recorded them on my computer. I thought I would share a bit of his creative genius (and yes, he knows) for a change of pace.

He wrote this after his mission-a conversation between missionaries and an old drunk in the park.

Street Contact

An old man throwing peace signs through the park
We stop to talk and floods of memories start

If you feel lonely, Mister, we want to know

He can't remember a time when things weren't hard

Maybe you could be the reason we came this far
Cause if you can change then, Mister, we want to know

He says

I could use a drink or two
And a little time to sort things through
Something to remind me who we are

Maybe later find a place
Where I can worry about your Father's grace
If or not we'll make it to the stars

But if you can find me here again then, Brothers
You know me far too well

And if you can find me here again then, Brothers
I can use some help

And you can listen to it! (If you want to know how to upload an audiofile, look here.) The picture is the view off my parents porch at sunset. See, Kansas is much prettier than boring.

Yes, just realized my nice visual disappears before the song ends. So much for perfection.


  1. Awww, your brother did a great job! Is he playing the piano? Pretty cool. ;-)

  2. That's a touching song and I must agree Kansas is beautiful!

  3. Jessica-Yes, he is playing the piano. It's amazing. He can sit at the piano and play from his brain.

    Candice-See what you have to look forward to in the Midwest?

  4. Wow, what a great song! I'm always blown away by people who can write music. I have zero talent in that particular arena.

    Also, I love that his nickname is Boy. That is SO cute! :)

  5. Wow, he sounds so gifted! Maybe he'll go back to that someday. :-) I really liked his voice too. I think it has a strong quality.

  6. Great song. I love reading lyrics I find them so inspiring.

  7. Rene-I am likewise untalented in the arena of writing music. We'll just have to stick with writing stories. Oh darn.

    Jenni-I'll pass on the massive compliment. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

    Jessica-Unfortunately he strained his voice. So he claims. And Dr. Boy hasn't had time to grow it back between classes and clinicals.

    Patti-I agree. Lyrics and poetry speak in a way that stories cannot.