Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My chosen audience (for now) is young adult. But, I haven't been a teenager for over a decade. And my recall isn't great. So what do I know about teenagers? Especially today's teenagers?

I need research. Data. But this specimen isn't always readily available for my experimentation.

However, last week I received a text message from what a garnered was a teenage specimen of the female variety.

TEENAGE SPECIMEN: Hey get me an orange cream slush please

ME: Wrong number. Try again if you want your orange cream slush. Yummy.

TS: Please dalton ill love you forever and ever and everever

ME: This isn't Dalton. Really.

TS: Who is it then

Perhaps at this critical point I could have become a secret text confidante and learned all about her unrequited love for Dalton. But I was tired. And I don't have a text plan.

ME: An old mom. Gotta go check on my son. Good luck with dalton.

TS: Ok, whatever

Was said experiment a failure? No. Because I found out that "whatever" has all the meaning it did when I was a teenager.


  1. Hehe, those silly teenagers and their slushes. As for what teens are going through, a lot of it's the same. Friend drama, dating, growing up, family issues. Those things are kind of timeless.

    I think the only thing that's really changed is the issue of sex. It's way more an open topic. More kids are experimenting. But it's up to a writer to decide how much they'll deal with that particular one. YA runs the full gamut on that.

  2. hahahah! Poor girl! LOL! This is awesome! And I LOVE writing for YA I get to watch all the teen movies and get away with it, because it's for research! Jenni

  3. I started off trying to write historical fiction but soon learned it was not my forte. Now I love creating stories that my nieces and nephews love (and me too) Like Jenni it gives me a reason to go see all the teen movies.

  4. That's a hilarious story. :D I love your response, "An old mom." LOL!

    For what it's worth, I don't think I'm very good at capturing a "teen" voice. The novel where I tried failed, somewhat miserably.

    So, with this next book, I just wrote the way I like (verbose, grandiose--I like to call it poetic.)I set it in a different society, so I don't have to worry about texts, orange slushes, and things like that. Hopefully, it works out for me. :)

  5. Funny story. I love orange cream slushes from Jamba Juice. I still have a teenage brother at home, and I spent a lot of time in Young Women's recently, but I still don't feel that I totally get teens. I figure I just need to write a good story. The main thing to remember about YA is that it needs to be more fast paced, more dialogue, more action, less stopping to smell the roses descriptions. At least that's my opinion.

  6. Natalie-Yes! Sex is definitely a more open issue now. I turn on the TV and it makes me blush.

    Jenni-That reminds me. 17 Again is just waiting to be seen by me.

    Patti-Ooh, I'm a history fan. Right now I'm trying to combine history and teens and a little supernatural...well, hopefully it works.

    Renee-Verbose, grandiose, and poetic novels are the ones that win awards. Just promise you will remember me...

    Candice-I have about the same attention span now that I did as a teenager so I totally agree with the fast pace and lots of action.
    And orange cream slushes from SONIC. Oh yes.

  7. No fair. I want random teenagers texting me. Instead I'm forced to stalk them. No, really, I do.

  8. LOL! Whatever is a forever word, imo. What a funny text.
    So, do you have a youth group? I think that would be a great way to meet teenagers and listen to the new slang floating around.

  9. Kasie-With your awesome new hair, they probably think they are being stalked by a movie star.

    Jenni-Yea! And I thought the British just didn't like mailing things to Kansas. I'm looking forward to getting it. Those husbands.

    Jessica-We do have a youth group. In fact, I have been helping out with the Girls' Camp this year, but it has been minimal exposure. When I spend a couple days at Girls' Camp in June I plan on studying their brains to death.