Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a Writer Sees

There is a window next to our front door that serves no real purpose but to show everyone outside what our inside looks like. The awkward shape fits no blinds, and the frame around makes it impossible to hang anything anyway. After unsuccessfully ignoring it since August, I spent about 30 minutes last week covering it with scrap paper. My sister says it looks like I hung post-it notes on my window.

My son, also of late in the decorating spirit, thought to improve the very empty space over our bed. He decided to do this while I was in the shower, and I must say he really let his creativity fly.

Light is what enables people to see. The way our eyes process light is how we know black, white, and color. I think that God gave writers a different pair of eyes. Light lets us see black, white, and color...just like everybody else, but when light passes through our eyes, we see MORE.

Writers don't see post-it notes on the window or lipstick on the wall.

A writer sees stain glass.

A writer sees art.


  1. Wow, I am so impressed with your artistic skills! That window looks great! What a clever way to hide the window. :)Hey, I see art. Guess that makes me a writer.

    I've actually saved several of my daughter's stories and pictures because I think they are subtle clues of her massive artistic genius. :)

  2. Oh, goodness. My son once decided our dull cream rug needed color, and used blue and purple crayons to spruce it up. He was quite proud of himself and pointed out, "Blue!" -- only after he was done, of course.

  3. What a great post! :-) Sorry about your wall though. Not sure I'd like to have that kind of "art". LOL

  4. Renee-Some of my son's 'artistic genius' landed on our snow white comforter, which didn't come out after dry cleaning. So I guess I'm saving that.

    Hi Tara-Of course a dull cream rug looks better with blue and purple on it:) Your son must know his color pallet.

    Jessica-Yes, I am not crazy about keeping this art. I have wiped most of the lipstick off the wall, but haven't gotten around to painting over the stain. So now it looks like someone was murdered in my bedroom.

  5. We have a window like that and just put up a boring white sticker so that it lets the light in but no one can see in. I think I like your solution better.

  6. Patti-I sent my husband to Home Depot for the boring white sticker stuff, and he came home with reflective contact paper. And it may have worked if I figured out how to peel the backing off. So instead, we have yards of reflective contact paper and a window covered in scrapbook paper.

  7. LOL! I love it! That window looks awesome! Your sister is SO jealous! LOL! and um, lvoely lipstick art there... LOL! Jenni

  8. Jenni-So jealous, right? And let me know if you would like to acquire any of my son's work. We are very proud of the prodigy that is our son.

  9. I totally wouldn't have realized that there was paper on that window if you hadn't said. I thought it was *supposed* to be that way! In any case, I think it looks good.