Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hearing Voices

So I guess if you are a writer then voices in your head are a good thing??? There are mainly two voices in my head, and their names are Tess and Rachel. They both want their story to be written. (There is also a voice named Emma, with this adorable southern accent, and I'm trying really hard to ignore her.) I've tried to merge Tess and Rachel into one storyline, but they are both very independent and possessive of their stories. They will have their own.

However, their stories are both so very similar that I can't really write them both. What I mean is, they both belong to the same made-up world, but the rules have to be a little different in each book to make the story work, so that only one book will really survive in the end. I have written equal amounts on both. I'm tempted to just keep working on both Tess and Rachel, and see what happens. WHO WILL WIN?


  1. Too funny! I have an MC named Rachel and she's a very independent sort. Love that name.
    Good luck with those voices! LOL
    And I like your profile pic!

  2. Yeah Rachel came to me as soon as I thought, "I need to name her." It's funny, but once I name my MC, I can't unname her. It's like having a baby and trying to change its name after birth. And I was getting tired of my web cam smile. This picture was taken at my sisters wedding, and the little blonde head in my lap is my son.

  3. It's horrible when you have two voices in your head. It's funny how names stick in your head. I love the name Oliver for some reason and right now I'm using the same name for a character in my new WIP.

  4. Nice photo. One of these days I'll have to put one up.

  5. You have a new WIP?! That's great. And I would love to see your face because my mental visual on you is an Icelandic hut.