Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come On Already!

I am happy to report that my main character has finally left the ground. She was stuck at the airport for days. I just couldn't get her onto the plane and off the tarmac. It took a couple thousand words but we finally made it to take off.

Do you ever have trouble moving a character onto the next step?

It could be something so simple as getting out of the car. You may even try to write, "She got out of the car." But noooooo, your character does not want to JUST get out of a car. She wants to watch her glossy purple beaded bracelet slip toward her forearm as she fiddles with the door handle. She wants to feel the cool misting rain sting her face as she pushes the car door open. She wants to feel the rough gravel of the road through her thin-soled slip-ons as she swings her legs out and stands.

And you say, "Look, Main Character! You can only do ONE thing. Look at your glistening bracelet. Feel the rain. Feel the rough gravel. But really, do we need to know about all of it?"

Well, she not only says "YES!" but she proceeds to recollect a gazillion memories associated with bracelets, misting rain, and gravel.

I mean REALLY!

So, although my main character has gained altitude, she has opened a whole new set of observations and recollections now that she is ON the stupid plane. It is going to be a long flight.


  1. Patti-You would think that we would have some control over our own creation, but sadly it's just not true. And yes, I will definitely email you.

    Jessica-They probably keep jibber-jabbering because they know you are watching. A little privacy please!

    Natatlie-Our MC's think they are queen of everything. But perhaps we are enabling them by making them the center of our novel's universe.

  2. I love when a character takes flight :) its a great feeling. "like I didnt know you liked that" and "wow you like that too? kewl" :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. And it's very frustrating! They get really bad at the end of the book, like the don't want it to be over or something. LOL.

  4. YES!! I have totally experienced this. I'm just trying to get my MC to the part where she gets her poor heart broken, but it's like she knows what's coming and is resisting every step. And I'm sitting here writing, thinking, Come on already! The sooner you get it over with the sooner we can get to the business of repairing said broken heart!! She, however, just wants to keep dealing with all the ghosts from her past before embarking on such an emotional journey... *sigh* I know she's right. I just don't like it.

  5. Shelli-I agree. You are always finding out your characters likes and dislikes as you write. Sometimes they just completely surprise you. When my MC told me she liked soccer, I was a little bummed. What do I know about soccer?

    Lady Glamis-I am not even near the end of my book. Seeing how my MC is behaving now, I have little faith in her obeying me as the book nears its end.

    Candice-That's funny! Maybe if you promise a really great ending she'll be less reluctant to move forward.

  6. HAHAHAHA! mark of a true writer!!! your character takes over! that's when you know you're really writing someone real. lol. As real as fiction can be! jenni

  7. Jenni-Yes very real. In fact, sometimes she starts not only to commentate her life, but my life as well.