Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Bit of Me

My books seem to have a little bit of me in them. I don't think I do this on purpose, but it's easy to write about something I have some personal connection to.

Tess is steeped in ancient Mayan culture. I went to Mexico on my honeymoon and visited Chichen Itza, and I guess I will always have a little soft place in my heart for anything Latin because my husband is half-Peruvian. (That makes my son one-quarter Peruvian, but there isn't a hint of it in his complexion.)

Rachel begins in a made-up Colorado town. I went to school in Utah and fell in love with the mountains. If I cannot live in the mountains, I will write mountains. (Beware-another parenthetical: I am going back to Utah in April! You would think that Kansas is about as open as you can get, but there is a different kind of openness in the mountains that I miss. If I lived close to mountains and wasn't so busy raising my one-quarter Peruvian son, I would go write in the mountains and be so inspired, I would write 10,000 words a day.)

On that note, I am actually trying to write 1,000 words a day. Not much, right? Well, it's still hard for me to manage. But, I have set a goal of finishing a rough draft by my birthday-May 17. And since I know that is way too soon, my real goal is to finish by my anniversary-June 26. (That's five years!)

I am aiming to have a novel ready for submission by Fall. But my absolute deadline is to have a novel ready for submission before the birth of my second child. Oh yeah, I'm not actually pregnant...yet. So that deadline is a little open-ended.

Time to go clean my kitchen. I thought if I blogged long enough, my kitchen would clean itself. But no, it's still messy.


  1. I grew up in Utah! I miss the mountains very, very much!

    And I'm like you--I feel like I have to finish as many books as I possibly can before I have another baby, but I'm not even pregnant yet ; )

  2. 1000 words a day is a great pace, I think. Go you!
    And I hope you're taking advantage of the Peruvian thing by learning Spanish! LOL

  3. Hi Kiersten! I am a little jealous that you grew up in Utah. There is a part of me that will always feel vacant if I think about the mountains too much. On the other hand, when I lived there, I missed wide open spaces...

  4. Jessica, I don't know Spanish. We did spend a week in Peru the Spring after we married, and I started to pick some of it up...Maybe I should go back and stay longer.

  5. I just googled Banff (never heard of it, and with a name like "Banff" I couldn't resist), and there is this incredible picture of a quaint winter city at the foot of a beautiful snow-covered mountain. Well, I'm sure you know. I bet it's even more beautiful in the summer time.

  6. WOW! I'm moving to Utah this summer. It'll be my first time in actual mountains... having grown up in the deserts of arizona and New Mexico and then living the past 8 years in the Azores Islands and england... I'm excited to see what the mountains will be like. Oh and I LOVE mexico! That's were me and my hubby fell in love. And I'm the same, all of my books have bits of me in them!