Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fragile Idea

I am going to unblog in this blog on my two weeks ago blog. I was very excited about an idea for a book which I had started writing and which was going oh so well. I was sure the book would be finished one day, but is no more. So much for my proclaimed momentum. But,I have a new book idea. Unfortunately I've gone through so many book ideas lately that, after beginning, have faded to nothing. Maybe this one is different, but I'm afraid to even start writing it. My idea is good, and if I touch it I may destroy it.

This makes me think of the bubble blowing machine we bring out at the end of nursery on Sundays. The 2 year-olds swarm, and then jump and laugh and clap their hands destroying all bubbles in their path. This is how I am with a new book idea. It is so pretty, and I jump and laugh and clap my hands (metaphorically because I'm not so wierd)...and then forgetting how fragile the book idea is, I have destroyed it.

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  1. I tried several different ideas, the book I'm almost done started out as historical fiction, far cry from what it is today. Just keep brain storming. I remember those nursery days, my son got kicked out for being too excited about he bubbles.