Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbie Cake

I've been expecting too much out of my rough draft. I need to let it be rough. I need to just let it be ugly. Then the story can go on, and I can fix it later.

A few months ago I volunteered to make my niece a barbie cake for her birthday. I needed a stainless steel bowl that was shaped like a dress, so I borrowed my mom's kitchen aid bowl for this project. She said, "The sides are too thick. It won't cook in the middle, and it will burn on the outside." And I said, "Silly Mom." I cooked my cake in the bowl...and it didn't cook in the middle and burned on the outside.

So, I inverted the cake, scopped out the middle, cut off the burnt edges, and I had (ta-dah) my rough draft. It was a deformed bundt cake. After much thought and little sleep (this happened late at night), I improvised. I cooked another cake in two regular rounds, stacked all three cakes (with my ugly bundt on top) and filled all the holes with yummy strawberries. In the end it was beeeeeautiful and all the little girls thought it was extra special because it was a strawberry shortcake barbie cake.

In the end the ugly parts made the cake special and unique. So with my rough draft. I'll go back and cut off uncooked and burnt bits, fill it in with even better stuff, and it will be beautiful.


  1. Great post. I like how you said the ugly made it unique.
    You sound like a nice aunt. :-)

  2. Making kids birthday cakes has been one of my biggest pet peeves. Drives me crazy. Great analogy though. You need to have something you can cover with icing.

  3. I like that-I need to have something I can cover with icing. Like you said before, Patti, even if the rough draft is crap, something can be made out of that. I know this in theory but I am still trying to know it in practice.

  4. Mext time you need a cake, just call my mom! She makes doll cakes too. ;)

  5. Hey beautiful, it was fun running into you at church a few weeks ago. You little one is adorable. *smile* just wanted to say hi.