Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Official Declaration of Jessie

I want to write a book. Apparently most of the world also wants to write a book and then those that actually do are mostly unpublished. But...well, there it is.

After I'm done writing this book, I want to try to get it published. And if I enjoy the process, maybe I'll write more books and keep trying to get published...until I'm worn out with rejections. But then again, maybe I'll actually succeed. ;)

And here is my story on choosing to be a writer:

When I was a teenager, my dream future involved 1) acting, 2) writing, and following dead last was the practical future of 3) science or medicine. As I proceeded through high school I discovered that I had a really bad fake English accent, so acting was out. So, when I entered college I declared my major in Journalism, but if BYU had had a Creative Writing program I probably would have chosen that. However, after much encouragement from my family and my more pragmatic side, I chose the science avenue and eventually-Nursing. I'm glad I made this decision. I enjoy being a nurse. I enjoy saying to people, "I'm a nurse," and then maybe they are a little bit impressed. Plus, nursing put my husband through law school. While in college, I did take a class for writing fiction, and in hindsight I wish I would have taken more classes like that and gotten my degree in Nursing. Because, although I did assure myself that I could write without a degree in writing, I'm beginning to see I could have learned a lot that I'm having to learn now with a degree in writing.

After I finished school and had a job, I wanted to write again - so I spent way too much money on an iBook. Then when I got married, I think my husband must have been my muse, because I started getting ideas. However, work and marriage, then moving and law school and baby put a halt to all such creativity. Now, my husband is done with law school and I am a stay-at-home mom, giving me some extra time to pursue that old dream of writing.

I have been writing every day (and at least for 21 days which is how long it takes to make a habit:)). A couple months ago I started researching the market, learning about queries, and compiling a list of agents. I began submitting queries for a picture book manuscript I had written a few years ago. My primary interest is juvenile and young adult fiction, but it was a good way to gain experience in queries and submitting. And finally, I have been reading a lot more books in my genres of choice. So having actually taken steps to achieving this dream, here I come...

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