Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have finally chosen which book I will write. And actually, the one I finally settled on I had given up on at first. I had a headache from trying to figure out how to make this particular story come together. I had several beginnings, and it just wasn't working. So, I began to work up excitement on one or two other book ideas. Then, one day last week (while showering), an idea came to me that...just...worked. So while I was still dripping wet, I typed the first two paragraphs of my book and it was just the beginning I needed to gain momentum and not stop!

I decided that having given this project up was key. My brain was on overload and just needed to think about something else for the light to come.

Anyway, because I had other ideas and hadn't completely settled on one (before my shower epiphany), I had a lot of piddly bits and pieces of stories. Now I have hit the point of no return in my book. When I decided I wanted to write a book, I knew that I would have to write every day, even if I had to FORCE myself to write every day. Well, now I can't stop writing every day, and the frustrating thing is-I don't have much to show for it!! The writing process is slow...for me. Maybe it's faster for others. Maybe I'll get faster as I go. But the exciting thing is, now I know that my book will get finished! When it will get finished is the unknown.

I have recruited two of my sisters to be my chapter-by-chapter beta readers. (Sister #3 gets to be the finished-manuscript beta reader.) Of course, my husband will read it, but it is definitely not the type of book he would take off the shelf, being more of the political/historical persuasion. Yet, I must say he is a fan of my ideas, and he was very supportive and encouraging when I told him I wanted to start taking writing seriously. (He actually said that's great, because I spend too much time in the kitchen and that can't be healthy.)

And now I am going to stop blogging, so I can go write some more!


  1. You sound exactly like me. I loved reading and writing as a kid but never really did anything about it. After I had my third child I got an idea after reading my family history and now I’m almost done my first novel. I heard a saying once: It’s better to write crap than nothing at all. You can turn crap into something (you should see my first draft) but if you write nothing, you have nothing. I also had a friend who read as I wrote and put pressure on me to read the next chapter. That helped a lot.

  2. I had no idea that you wanted to be a writer! I'm proud of you for pursuing your dream. And maybe you'll let me read some of your works in progress?